French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs

Ever since social media influencing, blogging, and casual photo documenting took platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook by storm, innumerable profiles have sprung up allowing for content creators to share bits of their lives for their followers to see. Not only does this become fun for followers and supporters of these pages, but it becomes something that keeps creators busy and allows them to grow where content creation and social media is concerned. In the last few years, however, a change in the trend has been observed where people dedicate such pages and sometimes entire blogs to animals.

Yes, you read that correctly, animals. Pets, model animals, and street animals alike, there has been a boom in this facet of blogging where people photograph and record either their own animals, model animals, animals they see on the streets that are owned by other people, etc. Some pages have features where pet owners can send entries in of their own pets to be shared with the world, which gives the original account and the shared account more engagement, helping both sides.

A similar page on Instagram is dedicated to French Bulldogs. Featuring a gorgeous grey, French Bulldog named Lexi based in the United Kingdom, the page has been up and running for a few months shy off a year now. Similar to any blogger, Lexi’s owner Cameron regularly updates their more than 8,000 followers with her activities throughout the day. Since the inception of the account, followers have seen Lexi blossom from a pup to a beautiful fully grown bulldog as she exhibits her playful, moody, cheeky, happy, and sad features.

Just like some other dog and human bloggers, Lexi is an active and preoccupied bulldog who spends her day sleeping, eating, playing, and being out and about with her human owner. Cameron catches Lexi regularly in her element and uploads some stunning shots that do complete justice to Lexi’s majesty, making sure the updates are a treat for her fans as well. Her playtime shots are of her having fun running around with her favourite bring yellow, almost neon, a tennis ball that is often featured alongside her. When she isn’t playing with the ball, she’s running around a park or an empty street where her owner takes her out frequently so she can get some fresh air and sun.

If anything, Lexi’s page and the consistent manner in which Cameron updates it while maintaining the quality of the pictures and videos is a testament to how passionate he is in putting Lexi out into the world of animal blogging. Running a social media page is difficult as it is, but when the subject is a pet, who has a mind of her own and might not always behave how the owner wants her to is a tough feat that Cameron has been able to flawlessly manage. I would not like to imagine how tough it might be getting a pet to stand still for a photograph, so Cameron definitely deserves credit for being patient, and Lexi for being a cooperative subject.

The boom in profiles similar to Lexi’s is a surprise to no one. Some celebrities have often been stopped on streets for animal enthusiasts to take pictures with their pets, not even with the celebrity owner. Pages have come up that photograph and share outfit inspiration for pets. These pages go out into the streets to photograph pets that might be wearing snazzy outfits such as sunglasses, shoes, even bedazled and fancy leashes.

While Lexi might not sport fancy clothes or sunglasses yet, her playful personality has proved to be enough for her page, having collected over 8000 fans in a handful of months. To keep up with Lexi and her daily activities, follow her on Instagram @scotlandbullz.