FREGOSO (@eddy.fregoso)

Being able to sing is a natural gift; words cause you to think, music causes you to feel, and a song causes you to feel a notion. Fregoso is a talented vocalist from the local area of Tijuana, BC. He has a great personality to go along with his beautiful voice. He has 254k followers on Instagram as @eddy.fregoso. Local musicians are hardworking people who frequently go unrecognised in this society. He works hard to make music pleasurable for everyone in the community. He wrote and recorded his song, which he shared on Spotify. He struggled as a local musician to create a method to make his plans work for everyone in the area, including newcomers, regulars, loyalists, and himself. Local music performance isn’t merely a model for the community in that way. It represents the community – a space where everyone could be themselves while still being a part of something bigger. It’s not too late to show local artists little love and encourage them to work on their skills. Do follow Fregoso on instagarm.

Making friends and engaging them with a good conversation topic is highly important for local musicians interacting with their community. The artists’ community is encompassed by local music—Fregoso has taken the opportunity to expand through meeting with the local musical community. As an artist, he is always looking to improve and expand his abilities. He is an active participant in the local musical community. He met a lot of other musicians as a result of his exposure. He met other experienced artists who shared tips and methods to improve his skills. He also met musicians who weren’t as accomplished, which allowed Fregoso to share his knowledge and, in turn, make him a better musician in the long term. Another advantage is that he has met like-minded people who encourage him to improve his musical production and activities. It also created some healthy rivalry as they pushed one other to achieve their goals. Supporting local artists benefits society and is similar to supporting a small company; therefore, it helps Fregoso grow more by following him.

Every artist’s social growth, particularly in the early years of his career, is influenced by music. We all like singing our favourite song; however, it’s about so much more than singing at the family get-together and on the way to work for a growing musician. Singing a song officially and in front of an audience needs more preparation and dedication. Fregoso is good at socialism. He always gets his fans on his priority. He replies to them and posts them on his profile to appreciate his followers. In this way, he gestures to his fans that he is always connected to them. Follow Fregoso.

One thing he must pose is to perform. Perform. Perform… he Tries to avoid (or at least take great caution with) talent contests and look for ways to perform for real audiences out for a night’s entertainment. This forces him to learn how to get and hold attention and win a crowd in ways that no theory ever can. So many singers have complained about not getting enough jobs, not performing enough, or not composing as much as they should. Fregoso, on the other hand, is proactive! He can’t wait for possibilities to present themselves; he puts himself out there and goes in search of them! With Passion, you will be more likely to want to do things that are uniquely your thing, instead of simply trying to copy Star X in the hope some of it rubs off on your photocopy. Passion helps you find and be you. You are what people want to see/hear. Follow Fregoso on Instagram.