Fred Khalilian “Khalifa” (@princefred)

Fred Khalilian “Khalifa” (@princefred)

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer. “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved.” – Helen Keller. Indeed, what is said in these quotes is true. If a person loves doing something, that individual will become a definite symbol of success but to achieve success requires years of experiences, risks, trials and suffering. Fred Khalilian is one such personality who, with his years of trials, experiences and impeccable business skills, have shown the world who the real boss is!

Fred Khalilian was born into one of the wealthiest families in the Middle East. Even though his parents were from one of the wealthiest families in the Middle-East, at that time, but due to an overnight shift and change of power in the government, the loss of his father & the regime change in 1979 Persian Revolution he did not just lose all the money that his family owned but he lost his family too. He was left with nothing but his own self. Being a child without family, Fred Khalilian was forced to live in Germany from the age of 9 till the age of 18 all by himself in a refugee program of Young Monte Monshaf. After spending nine years in Germany all alone by himself, Fred built a successful international career, leveraging his dynamic relationships in entertainment, technology and gaming to create some of the world’s most powerful companies.

Currently, he is the Chairman, Founder and the member of the board of directors of a company called “BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY, bcgCrypto” or the “Blockchain Consulting Group” which is a licensed organization that’s going to be between the SEC and all tribal government of USA. This company leverages the latest blockchain technology to develop powerful solutions with the potential to enhance the American Indian casino and gaming industry forever. Their Ethereum-focused engineers build robust Blockchain technology for Native American tribes that stand at the forefront of digital technology.

Apart from that, Fred Khalilian was the former President and Chief Operating Officer of Monster Inc. He is still the second largest shareholder for all the “Monster” Companies Worldwide. Fred Khalilian, like many successful people in the world, has been learning from his mistakes at an earlier stage and knows how to make his weaknesses into his strengths which is the main secret of his success today.

Presently, Fred Khalilian is the CEO of Hollywood Production Group and the managing Director of Universal Entertainment, managing some of music’s and Hollywood’s top artists and actors. He owns a club known as “Club Paris Nightclub” and hosts lavish parties for people from various cultures and races. He has met and worked with very well-known Hollywood stars as well. Even though he lives an extravagant and luxurious life but he never hurts any individual being with his success. He never degrades nor shows-off his wealth to others but instead he keeps a positive and motivational attitude towards his fellow beings. Fred Khalilian’s lifestyle, his past struggles and his present successes has led to the making of his very own HBO show called “The Prince”. 

Fred Khalilian has been the CEO of euro fitness for 4 years. Apart from that, he has been a Regional Vice President of a company called “Bally Total Fitness” where he started the work as an employee and left the company as a Regional Vice President! This clearly shows the talent, skills, and determination that Fred possesses. Fred Khalilian also possesses various Interpersonal Skills which has led him to his success today such as Management, Leadership, Leadership Development, Executive Management, Strategic Leadership and etc. Fred Khalilian from childhood till now has faced many challenges, losses, and trials in his life. He lost everything including his family and money but with his continuous struggles, determination, and hard work, he showed himself and the world what he is capable of.