Frank Cook (@_frankcook)

Frank Cook (@_frankcook)

What makes people grow is how they perceive things that happen around them, what they make of them afterward, the changes they go through, and the destinations they achieve. What the world has forever seen is people turning towards art, any form of it all, and molding their findings and their perceptions into a wild scenery of a canvas, into the rhymes of the lyrics, or into the chords of a musical instrument. It’s their way of giving themselves stripes that they have truly earned, the true veterans of time and circumstances. No matter the medium of expression, it’s an expression after all and what we have to believe is that there’s always one person who can relate to our expression.

What history tells us that if there’s a single medium of expression that most people can easily turn and relate to is music. Music stays as nothing can. A good song played through a random memory can bring it back live after decades and decades of it all. A temporary escape, a fine illusion sometimes that people seek, a perfect fix and the highest of highs; that’s what music proves to be, the truest form of escapism from the daily horrors or to just wanting something specific to rush your waves with nostalgia.

Frank Cook thrives to create such energy through not only his music but also creating various entrepreneurial opportunities for himself which make him stand out in the crowd. Starting with light jazz he traveled through and landed himself in the RnB and hip hop borderline rap genre, interesting choice with lyrics and style of the music that he chose for himself and grew in and out of. Though what might people say “unnoticed”, Frank is just a work in progress with him trying his hand in a lot of different things. He also started a production and film company with the name VENGLIFE, LLC., which he took from a very catchy name for his debut E.P., VENG, a very unique take of acronym abbreviating *Value Everything Nothing’s Guaranteed*. The E.P. featured another talented artist Norm Bates and aired internationally on all online platforms on 14th May 2019.

He is also the CEO of the clothing line called Artistic Expressions Clothing Line which he formed solely for entrepreneurial experiences and these kinds of opportunities are always helpful with the making of a creative mindset and a creative mindset is always helpful in the medium of expression of art such as music.

Frank Cook believes growth is a never-ending process and for that he is on his toes, making himself move with the current but also changing directions when it’s necessary and in doing so making the current move his way. The fact that helps his cause the most is his fresh and new zealous attitude that can take him a long way from here in the next 3 to 5 years and that’s a scene you don’t want to miss.

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