Florin Catuna (@florin_offiziel_catuna)

If you love physical sports like boxing and want to get a career in fitness, you have landed the right profile. With more than 300k followers on Instagram account (@cpiboxinggym) and having extensive work experience as a trainer, Florin Catuna is here for your inspiration. Florin Catuna is a professional celebrity bodyguard, boxing promoter, trainer, and manager who have trained different celebrity fighters in UFC and professional boxing. He inspires young talent who wants to start their career as fitness athlete. He believes in the “No Pain, No Gain” philosophy. He advises people to remain focused on their goals and work hard. If you are looking for some motivation towards fitness, you can follow Florin Catuna.

Florin Catuna works as a professional celebrity bodyguard. He posts pictures with different celebrities on his Instagram profile. Most people like his content due to his involvement with celebrities. The entertainment industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world. People look up to their favorite celebrities and like to know every single detail about their lifestyle. Professional bodyguard protects them from any physical harm; that’s why people love them. According to him, this work helps him get experience on how to deal with complex life situations. Many people follow him because they get inspired by his physical strength. They like to know more about how well bodyguards manage their lives and protect other people. If you are one of them, you can follow Florin Catuna.

Apart from working as a bodyguard, he has been a boxing promoter/ trainer and manager since 2014. He has trained several celebrity fighters in UFC and Professional boxing. He has a lot of pictures regarding promotions of boxing events on his Instagram account. He posts updates about CPI events, UFC, and WBC. If you are interested in attending or watching these types of sports events, you can follow him on Instagram and get all the updates. Furthermore, he is a training athlete who makes training fun and addictive. He teaches that willpower and focus are two important things to survive. He also believes boxing is just like life, and you have to deal with every difficulty on your own by being inside a ring. He thinks few careers allow you to have a direct impact on other’s life; being a trainer helps you see how your clients get stronger and improve themselves. If you are the one who wants to pursue a career as a fitness trainer, start following him right now.

Moreover, he likes to travel. He always takes some private time from his busy life to explore different places. He also posts pictures of his experience of traveling and meeting new people. He believes traveling has an incredible impact on his mental and physical health. It makes people more interesting. If you like to explore different cultures or places, follow Florina Catuna on Instagram.

He lives a luxurious life, a dream of million people. He inspires others to pursue their career in fitness and earn a lot. He has a motivating personality and likes to interact with his followers. He posts stories and highlights regarding his night training sessions. He also posts pictures with different celebrities; this shows his extroverted nature and photography passion. He likes to capture every moment and share it with his followers. Many people want to follow him because he helps them set goals and establish future direction. He believes motivating others is a win-win scenario. It does not just help others improve their lives, but Catuna also gets exposure and personal fulfillment. By following him, you can develop competencies and make plans for your future.