Florin Catuna (@cpiboxinggym)

Florin Catuna (@cpiboxinggym)

In this time and age, Entertainment is highly valued, appreciated, and sought after by a lot of people around the world no matter where they belong, what race they are, and what religion they follow, the world of entertainment brings everyone together and creates a unanimous platform to offer its services in bringing a hoard of emotions our way through all kinds of crafts and the possibilities are as far and beyond as there are stars in our sky. Being available in all shapes and forms, entertainment is the most expressive form of art, where we see everything ranging from the saddest moments to overwhelming joy, all while being indulged in the art.

With its ever-growing audience, the entertainment continues to form one of the largest industries in the world and this comes with its pros and cons. Just like our heroes, we have our actors and celebrities that we look up to and not all of us are considerate about what they would feel if we approach them in a specific way and tend to show sometimes too much love, or hate. Security is a concern of us all and this includes both security of personal space and physical security and this is where Florin Catuna comes in.

Florin is a professional celebrity bodyguard that stays by celebrities to make sure that they are safe and sound as he provides them the safety that they need. Being a veteran that has been in the field since as early as 1996, he has had all kinds of experiences and has guarded many high-class celebrities such as and not limited to Floyd Mayweather Jr who is a former boxer and an American professional boxing promoter, Stefan Effenberg who is a German footballer, Ralf Moeller who is a German actor, Oliver Pocher who is a German comedian and entertainer, Mike Tyson is known as Iron Mike in his boxing career, Stefan Marquard who is a TV Chef, Jean-Claude Van Damme, a Belgian actor, Don King, a former boxing promoter, Kay One, a German rapper, Bob Arum, CEO of Top Rank which is a professional boxing promotion company, Sebastian Bezzel, a German actor that has worked in many renowned movies, Shaquille O’Neal, a former professional basketball player and currently a sports analyst on a TV show called Inside the NBA on TNT, Mauricio Sulaiman, the President of the World Boxing Council and many more.

Being someone so many people put their lives in charge of, Florin is the guy that makes sure that there is no compromise on training and not only trains himself but also has been working as a boxing promoter/trainer and manager since 2014 and has trained multiple celebrity fighters in the UFC and professional boxing. Some of these names are Francis Ngannou, Makhmud Muradov, Chris Namus, Dewey Cooper, Clarissa Shields, Jacob “Stitch” Duran, Kevin Lee, Ryan Ford, Danny Williams to name a few. Believing in the power and knowing from his experience, he trains with the best methods to tune your body and to make sure you’re performing well and continue to grow.

Apart from all of that, Florin is also working towards a different goal, that is, building Germany’s first and only Madison Square Garden in his hometown, Donauworth which is expected to open at the end of 2021.

With his great ability, Florin has not trained others but has also appeared in the headlines and is also recommended by several famous personalities based on their experience with him both in terms of work and professionalism. All of his work is backed by the motivation to work harder and to achieve goals. This goal keeps him striving for more and further and is one of the things he believes firmly in.

Florin can be found on Instagram @cpiboxinggym where he shares everything that relates to him, starting from his training sessions with different celebrities, his different clients, his experiences and pictures of him meeting different celebrities, and his lifestyle in general, which is very motivational to follow.