Finley the Pomeranian (@finleythepompom)

Finley the Pomeranian (@finleythepompom)

The statistics of the survey held between the years of 20021 to 2022 reveals the fact that about 90.5 million families or nearly seventy percent of the total population of The United States households own a pet. More than 80 million of The US citizens possess loves to keep a dog as a pet which makes it one of the most demanded pet in the recent years. And why would not someone want to adopt this cute animal that has such wide variety of breed! With their little paws and fluffy tails, dogs are the most adorable pets one can have. Dogs are not only adored for their lovely appearance but they also provide various benefits to the owners such as companionship, comfort and special services to humans. In the past few years, Government authorities have started focusing on training the dogs in order to prepare them to serve people with disabilities.

Finely is also counted amongst one of the well trained dogs. Belonging to the Pomeranian breed, Finely is born in The United Kingdom. Finley is an ESA, emotional support animal. Finley started his Instagram journey this march and in a very shorter span of time, he has become a popular star on the Instagram. Being only one year old, this doggo is quite famous on Instagram having a huge fan following of over 1000 followers who loves him dearly. Finely’s routine is quite busy comprising of many activities such as having walk, accompanying the owner to many places as well as representing many brands related to the products for dogs. Finely’s updates are regularly posted on Instagram to let the followers have an insight about Finely’s daily life and his activities. Finely has been trained in such a way that has made him a quite active and helpful. He has been taken a really good care by his owner who let him to stay clean and updated. He is often seen to get well dressed and take various haircuts to look more adorable.

Being only one year old, Finely’s routine assure that he is really hard working, active, talented and a competitive dog. The doggo has taken part in the Dementia UK walk challenge where he has successfully completed the astounding number of 100k walkies achievement. In spite of being an animal, Finely knows about his duties and is pretty responsible towards his work and performs all his tasks very accurately. Finely’s Instagram page depicts his activities. Sometimes he is seen to be very busy and other times he is seen to spend his time cherishing nature and enjoying every little joy of life. You will find him taking long walks with his owner on the streets, taking naps on a lazy Sunday, taking luxurious baths as he poses for the camera and running on the Sandbanks beach with his other half, Effy. Yes, Finley has a significant other half with whom he got married on 6th march this year. The two adore each other and are quite expressive to show it through their Instagram posts and stories where they are often seen matching outfits.

Finely works as a brand ambassador of a brand launched by his owner on where he is seen to represent many products of this brand that includes colorful and cool bandanas, harnesses and leashes, jackets and raincoats and comfy sweaters and hoodies for the dogs.

Finley, the teeniest Pomeranian dog is an ESA service dog, an Instagram sensation, successful pet, a dotting husband, true nature admirer and loved by his followers.