Only some people are born with the talent to make music, while most people innately enjoy the sound of music. Cole Dryden, commonly known by his stage name—Finbeatz, is one of those talented artists that are rising in the music industry because of their flair.

Finbeatz is merely a 17-year-old producer and musician who was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Pheonix has an intimate history with live music. Whether you want to jam out to some rock and roll or lay back to some mellow melodies, Phoenix will always have a place in store for you. Inspired by the surroundings he grew up in. Finbeatz started producing music when he was merely a 12-year-old child. He has always been passionate about producing and dedicated towards his goals, he didn’t wait for anyone and started at a very young age.

Finbeatz usually produces and mix Dubstep and Melodic EM. In the contemporary age of music, the advancement in EDM music has surpassed all boundaries. The new technology has introduced so much competition in the field that it is hard to find a unique voice, yet Finbeatz was able to do that. He experimented for a while, playing around with different genres of EDM until he decided to go towards a new, and mostly unexplored, side of EDM and experiment on genres such as future bass, color bass, melodic riddim, and especially melodic dubstep. Dubstep is basically a sub-genre that comes under electronic dance music and is generally noted by its distinct qualities such as sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns with prominent sub-bass frequencies. Over the years, Finbeatz has mastered the genre but it didn’t come without dedicated practice time and years of experience.
After producing music for a while, Finbeatz career took a plunge towards success when he collaborated on a song with the renowned manticore. They sang a song together titled, “Best friend.” It did really well on mainstream platforms such as SoundCloud and has over 80,000 plays and a plethora of supportive feedback from the fans.

Finbeatz likes to expand his horizon to make his list of dreams longer. For that, he works hard and tries new things to see where life takes him. He has a radio show called “finbeatz radio.” It a musical show in which he gets to air his mixes and music and share it with his fans. He also invites famous artists and EDM producers to come to his show to start a discourse on the topic to normalize it even more in the contemporary era. Every Friday and Saturday, his show airs at midnight on Phoenix FM station called (88.7 The Pulse.)

Finbeatz is dedicated to his passion. Music is more than art for him, he wants to go beyond producing and enjoying it. To understand the intricacies of music, he has been studying music and audio production at a school called East Valley Insitute of Technology for the past two years. This shows his willingness to do better and soar towards success.

Finbeatz has recently published his latest song called “Color”, which comes under a sub-genre of EDM called color bass— a very bubbly and bouncy track. He had already given his fans a heads up by the end of last year that 2021 was going to be his year. True to his words, he has been producing and releasing some amazing new tracks. He also recently passed 100k plays on Soundcloud, which is a huge milestone covered by him.

Finbeatz is already achieving milestones at such a young age. He is destined for greatness and his passion and dedication are speeding up the process for him. Music is sacred to him, and he is learning to be a better musician every day. Currently, Finbeatz is cooking up even more great tracks for his fans, so if anyone wants to look him up, here are the links to his social media: finbeatz, and here is a link to his flowcode: