Fellon Phelps (@fellonphelps216)

Fellon Phelps (@fellonphelps216)

One of the major cities in the United State of Ohio, Cleveland gave rise to the birth of Fellon Phelps. He was born to James and Cynthia Farmer and was a very loud child. Phelps always wanted to do something creative that would make the people have a good time and would have something good to listen to when having fun. With the passage of time, Phelps started writing songs and enjoyed rapping as well. Phelps became a hip-hop recording artist who dedicated his time fully to his music. With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, he started his professional music career in 2016. Ever since the year 2016, Phelps has released various tracks under the tracks of “Snapchat”, “Lebron James”, “King of Ohio PT 1”. His success in the field encouraged him to release more songs that were loved by the mass hence, he released further songs in 2018 under titles of “Hollywood” and “36. In 2019 he continued with the releases with songs including that “We not cool”, Whatever”, and “Gmail” he has released a total of 110 songs to date available major music platforms like Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, Fellonphelps216.com, WildchildTV.com, etc.

Phelps was on a pedestal as his music career was going great. He was invited to perform at multiple venues NBA All-Stars weekend in his own hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. He was asked to perform around 25 times, something that is rarely done. Fellon Phelps could not be more ecstatic because of which he released a bonus track for his fans in the month of March under the title of “Only boss moves”. The title “Only boss moves” was also the name of the record label that he and his friend Keedoe, a Wild Child recording artist, owned. He wanted to keep the sentiments of that and add them to his music.

As any other self made self-created artist, Fellon Phelps wanted his original music safe and protected. In order to do that Phelps bought exclusive rights to every beat he ever created. In order to develop new and fresh music, Phelps used to create music anywhere and everywhere he had the chance to, be it while eating, or on an airplane. Inspiration would use to hit him anywhere and he would just take out his pen and paper and decided to create music then and there. The place was never an obstacle for him which is why he was able to release new music every now and then without hindrance.

Fellon Phelps has proved that he was and is one of the most consistent and hardworking artists out there. He has been known to be very diligent and has been an amazing singer, songwriter, and performer. He not only creates good and capturing music but also his performance is so captivating that it attracts his audience fully towards his music. Phelps feels that music is all about telling a story and the more people get invested in one’s story, the more fun one has and can relate more with the artist himself. People believe that Fellon Phelps has no competition as no one comes near to his fire and grit. They believe that Phelps is the savior of rap music which is something the culture desperately needs and when people ask him about it, he says it’s all about telling his story to the people. TheSource.com, The Hype Magazine, Thisis50.com, RapTV.com,, AllHipHop.com etc has also put Fellon Phelps in the spotlight and have named him “Ohio’s King of Hip Hop.”

Fellon Phelps has a good following on Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube with over 250,000 people following his career and buying his music. He uses social media platforms to engage with his fans. He tells his fans about his new upcoming music of his and sets giveaways like giving away $3,000 to the lucky winner and free concert tickets doing a program for underprivileged children and homeless people once a month giving back his Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and Triller is @Fellonphelps216 follow him now.

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