Faysal Chadimi (@faysalchadimi)

Faysal Chadimi (@faysalchadimi)

Faysal Chadimi is a Moroccan-born, rising filmmaker. Through his work, he has brought a unique perspective to the world of filmmaking and has made a name for himself. His upcoming work will surely cement his name in the industry. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He graduated with a degree in Journalism and Media Studies in 2012 and is currently studying filmmaking at the New York Film Academy which is a prestigious and highly selective institution. He has done a variety of different work in the film and media industry. This includes working as a videographer and video editor. He has not restricted himself to the film industry and has also worked in print, radio, and TV which includes work for important channels like Euronews. His vast and diverse experience has given him a unique skill set that makes him an amazing filmmaker. 

As a filmmaker, Faysal’s interest lies in using films to tell interesting visual stories. His work is inspired by a range of different topics such as color, people, place, and music. He is often able to combine all these topics to produce something that is breathtakingly unique and enjoyable. He uses colorful and creative visuals in his work to express his unique point of view. 

All his work can be found on his website https://www.faysalchadimi.com/. One of his recent videos includes a visual fashion editorial called “Original”. The video is filmed in black and white and has unique and exciting shots. Even though the video is only 1 minute long, it showcases Faysal’s unique talent and his ability to make fashion-related videos. The video has received a lot of positive feedback on YouTube. 

Faysal also tackles some important societal issues in his work. Another short film by him is based on very serious child brides. The film is titled “This Is How I Soar”. It starts by listing some very troubling statistics regarding how prevalent child brides are. Then it talks about the work done by Project Soar which is a non-profit organization in Morocco that is dedicated to empowering teenage girls and bringing an end to the social ill of child brides. The film is extremely well-shot and contains some cool drone shots of Morocco as well as shots that showcase the work done by Project Soar. 

Faysal’s talents are not just restricted to making fashion editorials and films, he has also dabbled in the music industry and has made some unique music videos. He made a video for a song called “Doors Are Open” by the band KINGS OF THE CITY. The video follows a couple in the streets of Morocco, and it suits the song very well. It has reached almost 30,000 views on YouTube. He has also made an unofficial video for the song VIP’s by Skrillex and MUST DIE! The video shows Faysal’s unique take on the song and how he is versatile enough to make videos for different types of songs. 

Faysal has a growing presence on Instagram and has reached 30,000 followers. He uses his Instagram as a space to share his filmmaking work and snippets of his personal life. His very first post is about his amazing movie “Madnessity” and he often shares pictures and videos of his films to promote them. He has also posted many pictures with some inspirational figures from the film and media industry including Tommy Henrksen and Meryl Streep. He also shares personal pictures where he can be seen having fun with his friends on vacation. He often uses the Instagram story function to show his followers behind the scenes of his various shoots for films and music videos. 

Faysal is an emerging name in the film industry. His unique vision and drive to work hard will surely take him far and make him a household name. He already has a promising body of work that showcases his skills and his upcoming work will surely take his talents to a new height.