Fayellis (@hahahafay)

Fayellis (@hahahafay)

The world is a vast bundle of experiences, a globe with a million things to explore, great opportunities everywhere, and experiences that not all of us can even dream of being able to experience. Making sure that she does not miss out on any of these amazing experiences, Fayellis has set out on her journey as a dreamer to experience many new things including both simple or extremely exotic, and share those experiences with her followers along the way.

Being a model and blogger, Fayellis continues to influence a lot of people while being the beautiful person she is, she makes sure that everyone is with her and onboard the different opportunities she gets and loves doing what she does.

Just like everything else in this world, our bodies need great attention and details to make sure that we are living the best life and are away from all worries and how we live our life and the quality of life we achieve depends on how we take care of it and Fayellis makes sure that she not only practices this herself but also use her influence to further convey this message, enlightening fitness as a major part of her lifestyle by posting pictures of different healthy foods and also makes sure that she gets her sufficient amount of activity in her day and is often doing something to keep her active or exercising for even more fitness and to stay healthy.

With her positive attitude and amazing personality, Fayellis makes it greatly visible that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy diet and she does this by getting her fair share of fun activities. Being fascinated by the art known as pole dancing and her curiosity leading to question how it works, one of her favorite things to do recently has been learning how to pole dance and practicing it every other day to improve more and more. To learn something hard isn’t impossible but surely takes a lot of hard work and effort and surely comes with its sacrifices and learning to pole dance, though, being an extremely hard thing and even causing her to go through extreme measures like her thighs being full of marks and pain, Fayellis does not let it pull her down and continues to learn more and more and this shows just how dedicated she can be if she sets out to learn something.

Being obsessed with new experiences, Fayellis recently did a series of vlogs covering her a challenge called the “Cabbage Soup Diet Challenge” that can be found on her IGTV and tells us about everything that she experienced through it, how she got the materials for the challenge, the cooking process, some advice from her and some friends and her being finally able to eat meat and other things again.

Apart from food and lifestyle, Fayellis also has a thing for technology and is often seen either showing her products like her new iPhone and also some other cool tech that she recommends for others to buy such as Alexa that she rated five-star and highly suggested.

Travel is one of Fayellis’s favorite things to do and she is seen traveling and exploring new places at the slimmest of opportunities and can be seen exploring new places, taking mesmerizing pictures to let everyone in on the amazing experience, and also try the local foods and exotic dishes that the whole journey has to offer to make sure that she lives the experience to its fullest potential.

Apart from her personal Instagram, Fayellis is also part of a group called Kidultgarten that indulges itself in all kinds of fun activities and adventures being the perfect group for someone like herself, trying new things, reviewing products and places, and just going around having fun while having the viewers join in on the fun and be a part of it with their cute reversibly plushies, funny skits, and challenges done together as the perfect group to follow and have a good laugh with.

To follow her, you can find her on her personal Instagram page @hahahafay or as a part of @kidultgarten on Instagram where she is featured quite often.