Fares Al-marri (@974m0)

Fares Al-marri (@974m0)

Aaron Siskind is a renowned American photographer who once said, “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything.” While there are countless forms of art, photography is one of those forms that are profoundly underrated. Despite it being an art form that has ignited many revolutions, photographers are not given the admiration they deserve for all the hard work that goes into creating a perfect shot. We often tend to show our condemnation when someone tells us that they want to be photographers when they grow up. However, photographers are the people who say so much just through their still image in a way that words could never express. They are the personalities worth talking about as they do not listen to what society states and chase their dreams by taking ardent photos. These are the people that will perpetually live on. One of such individuals is Fares Al-marri.

Fares Al-marri, more commonly known as 974m0, is a photographer who was born and raised in Al-Rayyan, Qatar. Ever since he can remember, Fares grappled to express himself through words. Whenever he felt overwhelmed with emotions, whether they were happy or sad, he just could not let it out through words. However, subconsciously he found himself taking photographs whenever he was in a terrible mood, which made him feel better. Soon taking pictures became his entire life to the extent that he could not go a day without expressing himself through photos. It was then when he decided that he can not have a nine to five job like others, as Fares wants to be a professional photographer, and that is precisely what he did. Despite people telling him not to go into this profession, he chose to follow his heart and became a master of it.

Since nothing exceptional ever came that easy, neither did Fares Al-marri’s success. It was not something he accomplished overnight. There were numerous amount of trials that he had to go through, from convincing his family to making a name for himself. However, rather than caving in and leaving this field as a hobby, Fares worked ten times harder to prove them all wrong. And then came a time when he only, through his resilience and talent, declared to the world that photography is not just a hobby, it is more than that- it is his life.

To share his work with people all around the world, Fares Al-marri recently made his Instagram account under the username @974m0, where he actively posts his photography while also giving a scoop into his daily life. Since he loves exploring his city and going to places, he constantly updates his fans about it by sharing it all on his Instagram stories. Despite making his account less than a year ago, he has more than a thousand followers, and with every new update, this number keeps on rising.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” is a slogan Fares Almarri lives his life by, and it flawlessly illustrates how he takes his photographs. There is not even a single doubt in admitting that he exhaled this saying into existence with every single photo he took. Rather than having regular jobs, he chanced it all to pursue his dream. Fares made his journey of becoming a phenomenal photographer seems easy, but if you look closely, you could see how it was all only attainable through fighting tooth and nail. His tale is a stimulus to all those who dare to dream that is not conventional and long to achieve it, notwithstanding people dictating them not to seek it. His photographs, along with the story, will live on eternally and will help many youngsters, who have a love for photography, build up the nerve to follow their aspirations and surmount them.