Farah Washington (@farahneoteric)

Farah Washington (@farahneoteric)

This age and era demand neoteric minds to make the world a better place to live in. One of such minds is Farah Washington- a singer, an actress, a model, and a businesswoman from Riverside California. She started the way towards her career as early as the age of 6. From then onwards there is no stopping to Farah’s ongoing success and achievements.

From a young age, Farah had a passion for music and performing arts. In her teens, she began going to the studios and discovered more about her voice. The musical experiments continued and resulted in ‘Neoteric’- Farah’s first project. This project became Farah’s identity as her fans now know her as Farah neoteric.

After doing the project Neoteric, Farah Washington became a mother of a beautiful baby boy. To spend more time with her son, she took a break from her career. The career break became a motivation for Farah to do better and better. As she resumed her professional life, Farah was ready to become the jack of all trades, now, she started her career of acting and modeling. Since then she has worked with agencies, gave appearances on TV, and Netflix. Moreover, she began appearing in music videos by popular artists. T Pain, Young Gravy, Saweetie, Migos, and Flip Dinero are some of the people she has worked with.

On social media sites, Farah Washington is seen to be doing a variety of things. From funny TikToks to inspirational Instagram quotes, she keeps her viewers engaged. People look forward to her content as she maintains the quality of content and never disappoints her fans. Farah believes that there is no shortcut to success and even if there is, she never found it, as her success was due to the hard work she has done day and night. Farah has faith in herself and all modern-day businesswomen. She holds the opinion that in today’s world, smartphones are the power tool through which women doing business can run the digital empires they have created.

The African American singer has opinions and is never shy to share them with the world. She is a black feminist, who believes in equal opportunities for all. She does not let other’s opinions change her course of life. Farah is well aware of the fact that she is a role model for many- a risk-taker, who constantly challenges herself to perform better every day. She is a confident person and does not let challenges take away her confidence.

With the number of efforts Farah put into her work, it is not a surprise that she has a huge social media following. She has one hundred thousand livestreaming fans! This just proves Farah’s popularity amongst the newer generations using the platform. On Instagram, where her handle is @farahneoteric, she is about to reach 60k, and on TikTok, one thousand people follow her on the account @officialfarahneo. Other than these social sites, Farah’s music videos can be easily found on Youtube on her channel FarahWashingtonTV, where the enthusiastic singer is about to reach the subscription by three thousand people. Furthermore, Farah Washington is officially available on Facebook as well, where she can be found as @itsfarahneoteric. Last but not least Farah has launched her very own website, farahneoteric.com, where her music is available to be bought. She has also launched merchandise, which can be shopped from her website.

Farah Washington has the gold touch in whatever field she touches. Let it be acting, singing, modeling, or running a business or a family, Farah has made sure that she puts maximum effort to keep people around her, her fans and family, happier than ever. We need more people like Farah on social media who bring positivity wherever they go.