Evan Parker (@_ejp_)

Baseball is not just a game, its an emotion. If you ever look at an actual baseball player talking about his game, you will see how intense emotions and grace he has. Evan Parker is one of the most graceful yet dedicated baseball players in this industry. The most beautiful thing about this game is it does not come with requirements about players’ physical condition. Anyone can be a part of this game. Evan Parker is a family-oriented man, having expertise in baseball with tremendous love for tattoos, abstract art, and cars. People admire him because of his lively nature and exciting life. His Instagram profile (@_ejp_) reveals much about his personality, professional and personal life. With more than 1k followers, this energetic man is trying to mark his presence in the baseball industry. If you are looking for some inspirational profile to follow, Evan Parker will do justice.

Baseball is a game like the church that many people attend, but few understand. Evan has a passion for this game; he does not only play but also counsel and coach other players. He has signed a contract with an amazing baseball league (Ogden Raptors), he is serving the team as a player and a coach. He has played multiple leagues and received medals. His performance and dedication have always helped him achieve success and growth. If you are a baseball lover and want to learn about some tricks, Evan Parker’s profile would be a perfect stop for you.

Many people say our top priorities are family, but their actions do not align with their words. Evan Parker is a family-oriented man; he does not say it but instead proves it in his cations. He has a beautiful wife (Ashlyn Parker) and a cute little doll as a daughter (Lennon). Evan and his wife’s profile shows how much time he spends with his daughter. Travelling together makes them happy and brings peace to their life. Creating a loving family takes little effort; it takes consistency and patience. You can follow Evan Parker now and look at how he makes memories with his wife and daughter.

Classical art is art with a reason- people create the art with the intention that their work will be unforgettable. Evan has a love for tattoos; his body reveals it. He has turned his skin into a canvas of his famous art pieces. Many people follow him to get inspiration for what fine art or tattooing looks like. Not just this, abstract art requires an open-minded personality and big imagination. There are no right or wrong answers in its interpretation, Evan is fond of abstract art. His lively nature and broad thinking allow him to understand this form of art. Instead of figuring out what the painting looks like, he allows himself to get into the painting. If you want to make your eyes relaxed and travel around the pieces of art, take your time and visit his profile now.  

Besides this, the lively person loves to sing, drive and party. Playing the guitar makes him happy; he does not consider this his profession. Still, he plays professional guitar and sings for his close ones. If you want music to be your happiness, playing it is the best option. Getting vibes for a song is difficult, but you keep playing that music wherever you go when you get it. His Instagram has a video of him playing the guitar, which was gifted by one of his childhood friends; he has enormous love for music and claims that he listens to music during his workout. He does not even entertain his followers through his guitar skills but suggests songs they should listen to. Follow Evan on Instagram.