Ericka Larrieu (@ericka_talks)

Ericka Larrieu (@ericka_talks)

Ericka Larrieu is a renowned pastor and author who promotes God’s Word to people worldwide! She helps people struggling with mental health issues and enables struggling individuals to see hope and prosperity in their life. Life is pretty bleak sometimes, and Ericka understands how people can become unsatisfied and depressed with their surroundings. Pain is a common experience in this world and is felt by everyone in life: Ericka desires to relieve pain and allow people to see beyond it. Currently, she is recognized as one of the top online mentors and pastors in several countries due to her solid lectures and magnetic personality.

Ericka is also the founder of “Faithful Mornings, ” a community of radical intercessors who pray on Facebook from Monday to Friday. Her vision of creating a community that encourages reading and practicing the word of God is now very much in demand by people. Many people request Ericka to join the group on Facebook and read the Bible daily to become devoted to their religion. On top of this, she hosts a show called “Graced for Greatness,” which inspires thousands to join her in prayer and change their view on life.

Pastor Ericka’s daily prayer sessions transform people from living in misery towards leading a more positive and purposeful life. But, in the end, all humans crave an outlet of pain and deeply require someone to relate to their worries and troubles in life. Ericka believes that religion and God is the answer to all the despair faced in life. Her daily prayer group on Facebook has more than 3.8 thousand followers, including people from any region in the world. Her group was created in 2019 and presently is full of supporting and kind individuals who come together to share their love for God.

Ericka is from Chicago, United States, born and raised by her lovely parents. She grew up experiencing many painful circumstances, yet her love for God made her struggles better and life more manageable. Her passion for healing is evident from her doctorate in Integrative medicine. She endorses the concept that life is meant to be a facade where all your struggles are just a way to connect on a greater level to God and recognize his miracles. She has held many miracle campaigns and leadership conferences in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Honduras, Guatemala, and many more countries!

Ericka has a very active social media where she loves to connect with others and hold discussions regarding mental health issues and various ways to deal with life. Her Instagram has over 21.2 thousand followers, increasing gradually over time due to her popularity! She even responds to texts and allows people to ask her questions privately to hold more personal conversations. She also promotes love for Jesus Christ on Instagram and shares her love and knowledge about religion with others to garner and inspire a religious community. Ericka lives a very humble life with little display of glamour, and her Instagram is transparent of her dedication to one purpose: religion and positivity. You can also contact her on Instagram by using the username “ericka_talks” and get a gist of her talks!

In life, there are many circumstances where one wishes they had a mentor and someone to guide them towards the right path and purpose in life. Ericka uses her platform to register people who want to hold meetings with a pastor online. She gives out zoom sessions once a month to groups and discusses their lives and religion, answering all questions in your head concerning the faith. Ericka also has a form available where you can contact her to speak for a session at your church or group! You can register yourself and book her for a session through her official pastor website linked below!