Emmanuel Lyles (@lilpaid23)

Emmanuel Lyles (@lilpaid23)

Music is a medicine to your heart that frees the soul from the dungeons of your mind. The notes, the beats, the rhythm extricates your soul and transmits it into the bliss of another world. A world of peace, love and compassion where people share a single mindset and a common language. Adoring the same magical reflection of the music, Emmanuel Deshaun Lyles entered the field of music and artistry and today he is enlisted as one of the eminent and renowned musicians. Born in Canada in Windsor city of Ontario and currently living in the United States in Detroit, Michigan, Emmanuel pulled every single musical string of his passion to establish himself as a successful rapper, singer, and songwriter today.

From a young age, Emmanuel developed a yearning for the glamorous music industry which granted a clear path and destination to his passion. Emmanuel soon recognized his potential skills and talent longing to be untapped in the music industry. By the grace of God, Emmanuel had the unwavering support of his family and friends who stood with him through thick and thin and encouraged him to put his abilities to the most fruitful use possible. Soon, one after another famous directors and production companies perceived the fine edge in music possessed by Emmanuel and this opened the window of opportunities for him to exhibit his knack for music.

Climbing his ladder to success, Emmanuel fashioned himself with the stage name of ReubGang Yp, also known as RG Yp in short form. ReubGang Yp ornamented his songs with classy, hip hop, rap, and rock genres. Currently, ReubGang Yp operates a successful YouTube Channel with hundreds of subscribers and a viewers’ list exceeding 10k. ReubGang Yp has released several solo albums such as Street Testimony, Immortal Spirit, Need 2 Escape and My Time, Vol. 1 etc. He also launched multiple albums in duets collaborating with other famous musicians such as Roug 9 and Shep producing masterpieces of art like ‘Casting Spells’, ‘Eyes Closed’ and ‘Flash’. ReubGang Yp even had the opportunity to work and polish his skills with famous production companies like Da Goat Films, Plug Brothers Entertainment.

His song albums have exceeded 2 million streams on apple music and are winning the hearts of millions of his followers on other countless online and offline platforms as music in the soul can be heard by the universe. His song “Finally Made It” amassed over 1 lac streams on Apple Music and peaked at number 42 on the Billboard Hot 100. ReubGang Yp not only loves to gladden his followers through the magic of his lyrics but also likes to personally get in touch with his followers by organizing multiple music concerts in various cities and towns attracting a bunch of audiences who are willing to let lose themselves in the rhythms and beats of the music.

Through the captivating language of his music, Emmanuel plans to rejoice in the lives of millions of his followers and bring delights to them. He looks forward to spreading the message of hope and love encouraging people not to give up on their dreams and work tirelessly for the main aim they set their mind towards. He wants people not to give up their passion and to trust the process by which the success arrives.

To stay tuned with the latest music videos of ReubGang Yp you can follow him on Facebook @ reubgang.yp.7 and Twitter @LilPaid23 and subscribe to his YouTube Channel, namely, ReubGangYp. You can even remain updated with his upcoming concerts and music shows by following him on Instagram @ lilpaid23 his website https://unitedmasters.com/reubgang-yp. You can also get in touch with him through his latest album ‘Immortal Spirit’ website https://313yps.wixsite.com and email him on [email protected] for early booking of his concert tickets. Other music platforms to enjoy ReubGang Yp unique songs includes Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music @ ReubGang Yp.

With the extension of every single platform, ReubGang Yp plans on knowing his fans and hearty followers better so he can design and embellish his songs as per the desires of his fans and present them with the most novel and magnificent pieces of art.