eMed (@emedverified)

eMed (@emedverified)

Our lives changed dramatically in 2019 as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. The normal way of life abruptly flipped topsy turvy. Everything just came to a halt and ceased where it was before. People lost their employment, travel and communication services became impossible, the education system suffered, people lost loved ones, and everyone became cooped up in their homes, fearful of contracting Covid and dying. No one dared to go to the hospitals for the tests for fear of testing positive and dying slowly in the hospitals.

Mobility limitations, both within and beyond countries, have been one of the most important policies used to combat the virus. This has had a significant influence on international travel because borders were blocked and no one was permitted to enter a country unless they tested negative for Covid. However, there was a dearth of test kits at airports, as well as poor service, making international travel even more difficult, but eMed, a trusted medical brand, launched its first-ever online Covid testing service. They have termed their kit “Covid-19 Ag home test,” and it can identify the result immediately, and the report can be viewed online in just 15 minutes by registering on their website. EMed links you with a qualified proctor through video chat when you log in. A proctor is an expert who will instruct you on how to use the equipment safely and correctly. He or she will lead you through the full procedure, from self-testing to obtaining online reports. Above all, the fact that you don’t have to travel to a laboratory or hospital and wait for hours to be tested and then wait even longer for the results is a blessing. You may use this kit wherever you want because it is portable and easy to transport, and it provides results in less than half an hour. You will receive a certified lab report at the end of the exam, which will also be available in the NAVICA app, where you can quickly download a walled pass and have it printed on paper.

Furthermore, eMed guarantees great customer service and the safe delivery of the product, as well as accurate and valid test findings. Their Guides are frequently assessed based on customer satisfaction ratings, completed conversations, areas for script improvement, and their ability to limit exposure, reduce bias, and promote customer contentment. They have an official website and an Instagram page where you can acquire the kit, have a virtual visit conducted by an eMed Certified Guide, and then earn a digital health pass if your COVID-19 test is negative.

Dr. Patrice Harris, an African lady who is also the CEO of this firm, laid the groundwork for this brand. Nothing is more important to her than people’s health and comfort. It was never effortless for her to develop a firm and keep it functioning by assisting its employees in whatever way she could. She has made all meals and snacks available to all eMed personnel. Not only that, but she maintains a welcoming environment and solid leadership from her side so that all of the staff there feel like it’s their home and never feel uncomfortable.

She and her colleagues have made their equipment more inexpensive so that more individuals can benefit from it. Each kit costs $25 plus shipping and tax. Their test kit is also now available in a six-pack for $150 plus shipping and tax. The cost of the eMed Covid testing kit is also covered by insurance because the government has mandated that the test be covered by health insurance policies. The kit has an expiry date of up to 6 months and produces precise results.