Ellen TV Show (@ellentvshow)

Over the past decade, internet spaces such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more allowed for the growing of meme culture into a global phenomenon. Thinking back, we have gone from having the same template of memes flooding everyone’s timelines in 2012 to having a “meme of the month”. Taking real-life events globally and turning them into memes for gags has also become a pattern you can frequently see on social media platforms all over the internet.

Aside from memes, the internet has housed mediums of stress relief, mood lifting, and even down time like music, movies, television shows, games and much more. Believe it or not, memes have now come to top this list as they have integrated into music, games and the rest of the aforementioned mediums and has seen immense growth in their social media presence. Songs are tuned into memes and memes are turned into songs alike, which goes to show that they have come to dominate various platforms.

Meme culture has provided people with a creative license and explore their creativity to come up with the best jokes possible, and that can be seen when two memes use the same template, yet one completely misses the mark while the other takes off.

As the demand for meme accounts with curated content increased, the competition increased also. This is where Instagram account Ellen TV Show (@ellentvshow) stepped up to the plate to now become one of the most followed meme accounts with whopping 3.2 million followers! With an average like rate of 62,000 on each post and thousands of comments on their 23,000+ posts, Ellen TV Show has been a force to be reckoned with on the Instagram meme market. Not only did the page grow in an incredibly short period of time, it’s smartly picked posts and the unimaginably witty original content, the page was quick to grow and get a loyal following despite being a public account. With hundreds of thousands of celebrities and verified accounts following it, it has succeeded in standing out on the platform that has become almost a fish market for meme pages.

A recent dilemma to have struck most social media sites has been a changing algorithm which Instagram the worst, the home of Ellen TV Show. The new algorithm meant that content on any kind of page would require exponentially more engagement to reach a larger audience, which meant the downfall of a lot of accounts on the app. Aside from just liking posts, followers and non-followers alike were urged to comment, save and on occasion, even send the post to their friends to spread it. This became too cumbersome and resulted in a lot of accounts losing likes and reach and was detrimental to the running of accounts.

Ellen TV Show survived this test of the new algorithm as it has managed to stay afloat, with a commendable follower count at that, without becoming a private account like most pages. This is a­­ big feat as most accounts, some with over 5 million followers, chose to go private so as to avoid having their content passed around Instagram without getting engagement. Ellen TV Show being able to maintain its following and audience without depriving the rest of the app of its wit and humor can also be credited to the brains behind the account.

Mirza Bico, a social media expert from Sweden, managed to successfully incorporate what he learnt being a social media manager into his meme account whilst managing to make money from it! With his high follower count and engagement, he amped his Social Media Entrepreneur title up a notch with Ellen TV Show. Studying Economics from the ProCivitas Private School in Stockholm, he has certainly come a long way from starting a meme account out of boredom to now being one of the largest accounts on the platform whilst also succeeding in his private life.

Bico is currently based in Sweden and lives with his wife and dog. His personal account can be reached at @Mirzabico and Ellen TV Show on @Ellentvshow, both on Instagram.