Ellen Alexander

Ellen Alexander

This article introduces you to a multi-talented, multi-faceted, and world-famous personality of the world whose name is Ellen Alexander.

Ellen Alexander is basically from Russia but currently, she is living in Los Angeles, California. She is a Fashion Model, Artist, Actress, Singer, and Entrepreneur. She has been very popular and received a lot of recognition in every field of her work and interest. This can be known from the fact that she has been successful in the 4 industries of film, television, theatre, and modeling in major countries of the world like her native country Russia, the UK, and the USA. She received her training at the world-renowned Chekhov Moscow Arts theatre school and became a distinguished figure in the Moscow art world.   Due to her achievements and popularity, many iconic magazines such as L’Officiel, Shape, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, etc have featured her. Undoubtedly she besides being a beauty with a brain is a highly talented, skillful, professional, and experienced figure. She has been a writer and producer of videos and films to emphasize character-driven projects, as well fashion-oriented promotional videos. As a businessperson and a singer, she is the founder and CEO of GDP Music Group. Her education and training in the arts field has made her a unique singer and model.

Moreover, Ellen has been inclined towards art and music since her childhood. At the age of merely five years, she had started her formal artistic education. Though Ellen comes from a renowned family of Russian scientists, she decided to make singing, modeling, and business her career path. She never wanted herself to be known by her family name only rather she decided to create an identity of her own and have her name and fame. Now people across the world know her for her work, art, and talent and not where she comes from. What she is today is just because of her relentless work, sincere efforts, firm determination, dedication, and commitment to her profession cum passion. She at a very young age came to know that she had been blessed with a melodious voice. When she sings, the heart of the listener starts dancing at the beats of her music. Her unnoticeable music tells a lot about her and her personality. Her music is available on all music streaming networks. In addition to this, Ellen is sensitive and emotional that’s why she tries to give a personal touch to everything she does, including her music. Unlike other music, hers is meaningful that has a lot to convey to listeners. One finds emotion and beauty in her lifestyle, art, and music.

Furthermore, Ellen Alexander is the lady who never gets depressed and demotivated just because of her strong belief in her abilities. She has always been interested in and working for her self-development and wellbeing. She has always been curious to know about new things. Apart from this, she is a dynamic personality with lively nature who knows how to live and enjoy her life.

Despite her busy schedule, this Russian-born singer and model have learned how to deal with her professional, personal and social life simultaneously. People love to be in contact with her. That’s why she has been able to garner 1.4m followers on her Instagram account. She tries to do the things that make difference in her and other’s life. Besides, she keeps helping others by creating content for a better living. She even loves sharing what she knows with others about an efficient beauty routine and fashion tips. She has an online store from where art made by her and products that she uses can easily be purchased. More can be learned about this fascinating celebrity who has wondered the world with her art and beauty, if she is followed on her social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and subscribed to her YouTube channel, the links to which are given below.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellen.alexander/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ellen.alexander.la?_rdc=1&_rdr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ellen_model?lang=en

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAXsO-jyHniRkwfCIo01q3g

Website: https://ellenalexander-la.com/

Her lifestyle site: https://ellenlifestyle.com/

Site of her art: https://ellenalexanderart.com/