Elena Gabrielle (@elenagabrielle)

Elena Gabrielle (@elenagabrielle)

Entertainment in all its various forms has branched out to great extents in the past few centuries and have seen various facets get popularized. They took shape in a number of forms and one that became particularly popular some 4 decades ago was comedy and stand-up comedy. Having the ability to make people laugh and forget their worries for the duration of a show and experience joy in its purest form, comedians revived with a new purpose in life, one that was as gratifying for them as it was for their audience. With the world seeing no shortage of dazzling senses of humor and people with so much wit and talent that they don’t know what to do with it, comedy found itself with an ever-growing crowd and a demand so high that people were dropping everything to get into the industry.

However, the bar for comedians and comediennes alike was by no means low, considering not everyone has the chops to take on a crowd with the confidence to make them laugh till they are in splits. A young, witty comedienne with a personality that could outshine the stars stepped up to the plate and unsurprisingly, it was not long before she had everyone gasping for air after laughing to their heart’s content. From the cat-shaped Australia, Elena Baum socially known as Elena Gabrielle took to the comedy scene over a decade ago in 2008 and from there, the only way to go for her was up!

Although it was no surprise that Elena would be quick to charm anyone she performs in front of, her instant success in Australia still came as a shock to her. People were instantly enamored and not soon after, her cheeky sense of humor and comedy that hit just the right spots quickly became a favorite of the public causing a surge in her already rapidly rising popularity and demand. Anyone who has seen her perform or has even watched a video of it knows that her delivery and animated way of gracing the audience with her humor is half of why she is so loved, and that pays tribute to her training in Musical Theatre at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), a prestigious Australian Institute. Elena however, likes to refer to herself a storyteller in the same breath she calls herself a comedienne because delivering a good joke or story is greatly dependent on how well you are able to deliver a good punch line. Elena just so happens to be extremely proficient at that, so it isn’t shocking that she would refer to herself as such, but her talents extend far beyond the world of comedy.

For as long as Elena has been involved with comedy, she has had an equally fiery passion for music, singing particularly. Aside from singing, which she is also excellent at, the genius comedienne also loves producing and filmmaking, all rooted in her love for theater and the arts from an early age. 6 years into her career, Elena was booked and busy in 2014 when she made appearances at a number of festivals, namely the Edinburgh Fringe, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and even the Australian Burlesque Festival! If you thought Elena stopped at singing and comedy, you were clearly proven wrong by the immense talent this woman possesses.

Her podcast titled “The Shuffle Show” was given a 5-star rating, along with which she received a Guinness World Record for her inclusion in the “Longest Continuous Burlesque Show”, the Burleskathon, for a total of 24 hours!

No social media platform can escape Elena’s genius as she has a presence on sites such as Twitter, Instagram (@elenagabrielle), and YouTube where all her performances are uploaded. The combined views on all her videos add up to a grand total of over 7 million, which is a nod to her talent! She also has her own website (www.elenagabrielle.com). To make sure you never miss out on her hilarious content, make sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel!