El Niño De Platino (@theplatinumboycol)

El Niño De Platino (@theplatinumboycol)

Ever since he was a small child, Eharle Hernandez Rodriguez dreamed of becoming an international sensation as a singer, songwriter, and musician. He wanted to be known in the world as a person who not only created amazing melodies and beats that resonate with every other person but also wanted world-renowned fame for it so whenever people wanted something to listen to either when they are down or excited, his music was a one-stop platform to do so.

Born in the most populous city of the United States, New York, and raised in Envigado Municipality, Columbia, the home of the world-famous Shakira and Sofia Vergara, Eharle Hernandez Rodriguez Platino wanted to be someone great who spreads joy and fun with his music. He believes that being in grief and sorrow in today’s world is not what people deserve and wanted to contribute to their happiness and peace. Influenced by the busy working style of the people of New York, Eharle did want to get left behind.

In 2017, Eharle, went into a shell of hard work and worked on his music day in and day out. He wanted to become someone people would never forget. His hard work and efforts did not go to waste and hence his first single titled “Regalameunanoche” was released. He could not be more enthusiastic about this new venture that was starting so he shared his music through many platforms and engaged with people through Instagram and other social media forums.

The demand for his music brought him under immense pressure as he did not want to disappoint his fans and wanted to bring more joy with his music. He raised the bar so high that not even he himself could reach the benchmark and hence this became a setback for him. He took to his Facebook and apologized to his followers promising to come back with fresh music and tunes. He told them it’s better to wait and produce good music rather than releasing unfinished tired tracks.

Over the next few months, Eharle collaborated with another fellow artist, Lito Kirino, who has a verified Instagram account, and worked on new tracks. He released a song under the title of “Dejavu” which blew off in the country.

He shared a picture on his social media that he took while driving down the city where his song was showcased on the billboard. He could not be prouder of himself realizing how only a couple of years back he wanted to record his first song and now just after a small period of time, his song was put up on a billboard in Medellin.

Eharle Hernandez Rodriguez made a YouTube account and started posting his music there. He was overwhelmed by the extreme support of the people who gave him over 200,000 views on his first work as an artist. He could not believe the extravagant response of his fans which motivated him to do better.

Besides singing and songwriting, Eharle’s social media accounts show his interest in working out and being fit. He is occasionally seen posting pictures with weights and other gym equipment. Eharle believes that staying fit does not only make a person look good but he feels good which motivates him to work even harder.

Eharle’s hard work also led him to be published in a newpaper. He got a cover in the Culture newspaper from which he gained more publicity and fame and won the hearts of many. He continues to do more and give back to the world the best he can.