Earle Da Pearl (pearls_wingz_an_thingz)

Earle Da Pearl (pearls_wingz_an_thingz)

Amongst the 133,000 population of Columbia, South Carolina, lived a young boy, namely Kevin Earle, who wanted to do something that pleases people. As a child, Kevin always heard from his mother the quote we have been hearing for ages “The key to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach”. Focused on being the good one out of the bunch, Kevin started getting fascinated with food. He used to sit next to his mother when she prepared delicious and scrumptious meals for him and his family. Mesmerized by the way people felt when they had their first bite and how it lit up their eyes and heart, Kevin decided to make a career in the food industry.

With not many finances to go around, Kevin started practicing with his mother who taught him everything she knew a child would grasp and helped him with small stalls. He absolutely loved how people felt after tasting his meals, every smile passed at him, every compliment he heard, motivated him more to follow this path. With the passage of time and age, Kevin decided to make his dishes with scrumptious wings. Later on, he gave his brand a name and called it “Pearls Wingz And Thingz”.

Kevin set up a food truck, knowing how much the color red attracts customers, he painted his truck red and printed his logo on it. He set up a small window where he took orders from and a stove and slabs inside where he prepared his meals for the mass. The advantage he got from a food truck is that one, it was cost-effective, and second, he could be mobile. He would drive to different places and spread the word of his scrumptious meals and would attract people. He then started his own Facebook and Instagram page. If one goes to the Instagram page, we will find pictures and videos of food prepared by Kevin that will make ones’ mouth water.

With the continuity of time, a lot of pf people started enjoying his food. He realized from his comments section that there were a lot of queries as to where his food truck’s location would be at a specific time and that a lot of people missed his food truck at certain locations. Being the businessman he was, he decided to come up with a schedule and let his customers know his location at different times so that they do not get disheartened if they did not get the food from his food truck. He then took it to Instagram and started preparing schedules like the followings:

Apart from having a great interest in food, Kevin Earle is also a fan of being fit and being at the gym. He focuses on his physical health because he believes it makes him feel fresh enough to work long hours in the truck. He has been seen posting various pictures and videos of his workouts on his Instagram stories and posts where he shows off the skills he acquired over the years of various workouts.

Kevin Earle is also a father to beautiful children. He loves playing with them and also motivated them into doing sports. His motivation certainly worked off when his children’s team won trophies in basketball.

Kevin really loves his family and is seen posting pictures with his children and mother. He is really motivated by his mother and visits her often and checks up on her on holidays as well like Easter Day, etc.