Dwayne BigPlayz Difton (@moneytrain1k)

Dwayne BigPlayz Difton (@moneytrain1k)

Dwayne Difton is a thirty-two-year-old successful young man – who in such a short span of time has managed to accomplish enormous life goals. From being one of the best wide receivers in American football at UConn to currently trying his hand in the music industry and experimenting with his rapping skills, Difton has done quite a lot. Right out of high school he received offers left and right from renowned colleges like Boston, Minnesota, Purdue, South Florida, and Rutgers to name a few for his much-wanted skills in the said game. His debut at UConn was a highly anticipated event with him being the highest-rated player that ever played for the college – “He’s as good a route runner as I’ve seen come in as a freshman,” said head coach Randy Edsall.

Dwayne’s success story with American football began in his high school days when he used to play for St. Thomas Aquinas. He was ranked the 13th top recruit in his county by Sun Sentinel with his team being amongst the top-ranked by USA Today. Difton’s impressive skills helped him lead his team to be the 5A State Champion in both the years 2007 and 2008 where he had twenty-five receptions for 414 yards and five touchdowns respectively. Upon his collegiate debut, the young man was able to store even more achievements in his pocket with eight receptions for forty-five yards, two receptions for seven yards against Ohio, and a season-high four receptions for twenty-five yards against North Caroline to name a few.

However, every individual has their ups and down – Difton, unfortunately, experienced the same in a harrowing incident when his coach got murdered in October 2009. Coach Jasper Howard was not only a teacher but also a good friend to the young player and his death hit him hard. Some time forward Dwayne Difton’s aunt also passed away during a spring football season. These two events were what led to his life-changing verdict – he decided to transfer out of UConn and back to his hometown. In spite of all the hardships, this thirty-two-year-old young adult did not give up and instead found his passion in sales marketing and a hobby in rapping. “I stopped playing football and became a salesman – I enjoy what I do football was just a game now my hobby is rapping,” says Difton.

He not only excels at being a salesman – using the football skills that gave him superb analytical abilities to apply to his newfound job but also works to produce music that resonates with his fans. Difton’s debut single “Look At Yourself” will be released on March 11 2022 on all music platforms, so look out for the much-awaited rap piece and stream to show support! You can keep track of his work through his Instagram – moneytrain1k.

Dwayne Difton’s life journey tells us that one should always look forward, hope for the best, and always believe in God. The struggles or misfortunes someone goes through does not mean it is the end of the world for them but rather the beginning of something bigger and better.  Difton is a living example of how he got back up on his own two feet and on to the right path after life threw him off track. A big believer in God, this talented rapper credits all his success to the divinity who has been there for him every step of the way and of course his mother who gave birth to him and raised him to be the successful man he is today.

With multiple interviews and articles being published on the renowned footballer he isn’t new to fame. And despite being so influential Difton remains humble and respectful – he does not let his popularity falter his soft persona and instead is a firm believer in courteousness.