DS Esson (@djesson_)

DS Esson (@djesson_)

DJ or disc jokey made its place in the world of parties and took the responsibility of keeping the room alive and getting everyone in the mood since 1935 starting from jazz music to all kinds of genres today. Since then, the fame and need for a good DJ have skyrocketed in the live audiences in nightclubs/dance clubs, radio broadcasts, television, mixes, remixes, and recorded tracts.

In this world, where people love music and are crazy about it, people do not miss a chance to show off their dance moves and a perfect DJ is a cherry on top of the party making everyone excited to be there and not want to leave. The knowledge of the person playing the music at the perfect time is the key to a good party and makes every second of the party count. The perfect mix that just keeps the audience cheered up is not a walk in the park and takes a lot of talent and dedication to sound good.

DJ Esson with his perfect skills, makes it close to impossible for his audience to resist moving with the beat when he is behind that turntable making the room forget all of their stress and leading them to just vibe with the rhythm spreading a wave of positivity in the room. The amount of people that show up at his parties shows that people love what he does and wouldn’t want to skip any chance to be enjoying at his events.

DJ Esson has been working in the music industry since he was 15 years old and has always given priority to spreading positivity rather than the money he makes from it. This positive attitude towards his art keeps him consistent and allows him to enjoy every performance that he gives along with the crowd.

His charming personality is a plus to his skills with the positivity he brings to the room from the beats he drops to the captivating nature he possesses, making everyone feel noticed during his performance naturally bringing him a lot of love and attention from around the world. 

Along with his stunning skills in music, he is also working and growing every day as a trusted event manager at ‘Esson events’, ‘Tictok events’ & ‘RnB events UK’. With his professional attitude, he is the people’s go-to event manager and always make sure that he gives his customer the best experience possible by giving them good suggestions and making sure that they don’t get scammed or misguided in any way. His company is full of good experiences in recent times such as the ’90s and naughties’ in march 2022, ‘TEST’ in April this year, and many more where tickets sold out as soon as they were announced.

He always makes sure to provide everyone joining the party enjoy it to the fullest by providing them with snacks, cocktails, networking and open mic performances, giveaways, or bringing a house band keeping an age limit to avoid any kind of setback.

Along with mixing different beats for different events, he also keeps changing the theme of the party to excite the audience to express themselves fully and make the party look organized and for the people by mixing different ideas up such as ‘Black and White’ at way too lit, Smart Casual for Liyuation and so on. 

His humble and down-to-earth personality cannot be overlooked and can be seen by looking at how he always appreciates his team and the people who support him for coming to the events and adding to the good times. This makes him stand out and get the respect he deserves from everyone around him adding to the number of people that keeps increasing day by day.

With a community of 5.3k followers on Instagram today that love his work and follow him to not miss any news for the upcoming events, He can be followed on Instagram @DJesson_ for all the latest events and the amazing content that he is producing every day.