Drew Talley

Drew Talley

We all have something that we are passionate about and want to pursue as much as living itself and spend our lives pursuing it for our very own dreams. These things are often something that we discover in our early years and know exactly what we want to do for the rest of our lives and become our passion. Passion varies from every person and is found in many forms. For some it’s something like archery, for others it’s a sport and there is not end to the endless things people hold as their lifelong passion. For Drew Talley, Baseball has been his passion and continues to be what drives him for more and is the sport that he cares about the most and continues to follow as his passion and something that he wants to continue to get good at every passing day.

When we love a sport we continue to practice for it every single day and this keeps us going and keeps us engaged in the form of not being competitive to only others but our past selves. This is what makes us grow, the drive to be better than our self the last minute and this plays a huge role in how we see a sport and how passionate we get about it. Just like anything else in life, we find ourselves growing and finding new things every day that help us improve ourselves and this growth gives us more and more motivation to see more results and keeps our love for a sport growing every single moment.

Drew Talley is a Right Hand Pitcher and plays for the Mississippi State University where he is pursuing both his educational and baseball career and continues to flourish himself. Drew seems to describe his past year as an adverse year where he carved himself his path which he follows through to this day and had events of great magnitude follow up to make him the person that he is today.

No matter the sport, your Jersey number is your identity on the field, and when on the field, it is the sole number that you’re recognized by amid the other players and sets you apart from them. It’s the number that goes with you everywhere and defines you and your career. Drew has 47 as his Jersey number in Mississippi State University and he makes sure that he makes it shine and gives it the pride it needs.

Being a pitcher, Drew is often seen training and on the field, with insane pitches that no normal person could throw, and seeing him train or on the field both can equally get your jaw dropped to the floor as he makes sure that they’re not just as fast but as precise as an eagle. This inhumane ability to pitch has earned him great praise and is his weapon on the field.

Being thankful is one of the traits that help us grow more as we acknowledge the people and resources that have helped us through our journey and Drew also has his past and says that he’s blessed for everything that has happened to him as it has helped grow not only as a person but also as a baseball player, making him stronger in the one thing he holds as his passion.

It is indeed the support of our families that help strengthen us through our tough times and supports us through our thick and thin and Drew also has his parents to thank for all the support that they’ve given him and also Wallace State for all the opportunities it brought him including everyone around him for making him able to achieve the position he is at right now.

Drew Talley can be followed on his Instagram @drewtalley where he posts about his journey and different events including some amazing pictures and videos from his practice and live games showcasing his skills.