Dr. Wissem Dhahbi

Dr. Wissem Dhahbi

Dr. Wissem originally from Tunisia, is an assistant professor and senior researcher in sports science, and a rehabilitator in chief Qatar police college. He is also a scientific expert at Pref-Up optimization of the sports performance center.

He got his education from Tunisia. He has a Ph.D. in Doctor of Philosophy from Tunis El Manar University. He did his master’s in Sports sciences and physical education from ISSEP Ksar Sad where he was the valedictorian.

Wissem Dhahbi speaks around 5 different languages. He is proficient in English, Arabic, and French and has basic knowledge of Italian and German.

Dr. Dhahbi has several Licenses and certifications. Some of them are Paratrooper, Crisis management exercise design, third-degree commandos specialty, and Application of statistical tools by the software SPSS 23.

From April 2020 Dr, Dhahbi has become a permanent scientific guess at Al-Kass TV, a sports channel. You can watch most of his interviews on his Instagram @dr._wissem_dhahbi. He talks on different topics related to sports rehabilitation some of these include exercising in cold, water retention, Gyko joint, Varicose veins, and stress fractures.

You can also get yourself an appointment with Dr. Wissem every Thursday on the Al-Kass if you want to ask something regarding health and fitness.

He has over 35 interviews on different Qatari Tv channels and radio shows. Moreover, he recently worked with Al-Jazeera channel, which plans on airing the program with him very soon in April-May 2021.

Dr. Wissem is currently a researcher at the National Centre of Medicine and Sport Science and Qatar University. He has around 31 publications with several different researchers such as Fatma Rhibi, Lucas Russo, and Olfa Turki.

Some of his most famous publications are Selected components of physical fitness in rhythmic and artistic youth gymnasts, External responsiveness of superOp TM device to assess recovery after exercise: A pilot study, and Hemoglobin, hematocrit and plasma volume variation following combined sprint and strength: Effect of advanced age.

Moreover, he has worked on 6 different projects which you can read about on research gate. Stretching & post-activation potentiation, The effect of intense training and aging on white blood cell count during supramaximal exercise, and Anaerobic capacities in kicking combat sports Croatian science foundation projects are a few of his works.

Dr. Dhahbi offers consultation to people through Perf-up. You can even find some reviews on his consultation on his Instagram highlights. He also teaches the correct way of exercising and helps out with the procedure and he offers full-body training sessions.

Many of us suffer from neck and back pains and try out several techniques to get rid of them but none of them work. However, after viewing Dr. Wissem’s Instagram that won’t be a problem anymore.

In his highlights and feed, he shares how to reset your neck, how to stretch your spine, how to fix post-pregnancy abdominal separation, and foot massage techniques. If you head over to his Instagram, you can find more tips on fitness and rehabilitation, that are actually effective.

Giving training and ensuring everyone else is healthy is one thing but Dr. Dhahbi does not forget about his training. You can find many videos of him working out from Abs giant set to hard bodyweight WOD.

After a workout, our body is exhausted and we normally don’t know the proper way to recover. Dr. Wissem also shares tips on how to have a speedy recovery from your WOD. Some of these tips are to eat enough protein, sleep around 7-9 hours, take a bath in Epsom salt, and to spend time in the sauna.

Dr. Dhahbi recently has developed an interest in fashion and fitness modeling. Follow him on Instagram @dr._wissem_dhahbi to stay updated about his upcoming activities.

If you are interested in reading some of his publications and projects head over to research gate – Wissem Dhahbi or Google Scholar – Dr. Wissem Dhahbi. You can also check him out on Linkedin – Wissem Dhahbi.