Dr. Riham (@riham.m.t)

Art is free and there is no must in art, you know. This is illustrated by one of the most diversified Instagram profiles -presenting you to Dr. Riham. She is a German-born self-taught artist, Ph.D. scholar, and fashion designer. Does it sound more like a beauty with brains? Yes, she is. Moreover, she is an entrepreneur having her website (www.rihamart.com) where she sells her masterpieces. This stunning young lady is a football fan, nature lover and got publications in famous magazines because of her painting. She used her stellar artwork to gain 24k followers on Instagram. Dr. Riham’s profile is undoubtedly one of those must-haves a profile to follow on Instagram if you are fond of art.

Can you believe this talented lady got F in her art class? Yes, it happened. She discussed it in an article, but she remained steadfast towards her career. Her painting passion and captivating masterpieces helped her gain tremendous popularity. Her masterpieces were published in different newspapers like gulf times, Al Watan News, Al Raya News, and others. Her painting focuses on realistic nature landscapes and portraits with unique artistic flair. She runs a website where she posts her painting and sells it. These paintings would be a perfect fit for your living room or lounge as nature makes everything beautiful. If you want to buy or look at her artwork, you can follow her right now or visit her website which is, www.rihamart.com. This artist does not stop here, she showcases her painting talent in different exhibitions like the Qatar International art Exhibition where, many famous personalities such as former PSG footballers, US-embassy Public Diplomacy officers, Tanzania ambassadors visited and gave an honest opinion. Her paintings are labeled as a source of a piece of one of the famous personalities. Dr. Riham’s profile provides inspiration and peace in the form of art and painting. If you also want that, follow her on Instagram and enjoy.

Riham has completed her MS. in textile engineering then she did her Ph.D. She is a fashion designer and a football lover. Few people enjoy their passion and work at the same time, Dr. Riham is one of them. She posts pictures of her nail art with Liverpool, PSG color inspiration, she combines fashion with football. Even, she makes highlights on Instagram where she shares everything about football, updates about matches, upcoming tournaments, and so on. Many people follow her to get information about football leagues and sports highlights. She believes football gives you leadership lessons and self-improvement. It prepares people for competition. She loves football as it gives her another level of excitement. If you are also a football lover, you can get connect with her on Instagram and get all the updates.  

Apart from this, she is a motivator and a nature lover. She gets all the inspiration for painting through nature. She motivates people about their career goals, even she has highlighted them on Instagram where she discusses things on goal achievement. Dream big and never stop is the philosophy she follows. Nature makes her feel happier and enhances creativity. It has a healing tendency and helps you to concentrate better. Everyone deals with different challenges on daily basis but spending time with nature helps in reducing stress and elevating your mood. Being a painter, she needs inspiration, creativity, and peace of mind to create a masterpiece. She gets this by letting her mind unwind from exhausted life. Follow Dr. Riham on Instagram (@riham.m.t) to stay on top of her new artwork.