Dr. Rami Shaheen (@dr.rami_shaheen)

Why stay behind when the world moves forward? Meet Dr. Rami Shaheen; he is one of the strugglers of International Intelligence. His profession expresses everything about himself. Dr. Rami is a technology enthusiast, and his profile on Instagram (@dr.rami_shaheen), with more than 131k followers, is a working example of his field. He proved himself to be a good mentor in Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies Maturity Assessor. Many people follow him to get insights into this growing profession; if you are the one, follow (@dr.rami_shaheen) on Instagram.

Being a tech influencer and emerging technologies, Dr. Rami worked hard in developing mature privacy through cyber security. He is a young man from the middle east (UAE) whose goal was to create technology in a human-friendly way, and fortunately, he has achieved his goal. His Instagram profile is the best mentor and influencer for technology-related people. Are you looking for some inspiration to build your career in this field?? If yes, follow @dr.rami_shaheen on Instagram.  

However, suppose you are not a tech lover but a businessman or social worker. In that case, his profile might help you a lot while developing your professional career or growing your small-scale business. He writes about the preservers that they are the real warriors. Dr. Rami also mentions that the success stories are not written from the pen but the sweat, fatigue, and consistent faith. He is an extrovert and loves to meet and greet new people. He has lots of friends, and he enjoys traveling. Dr. Rami has visited various spots in UAE also. He had explored Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Rami is an influencer, investor, and mentor of cryptocurrency that is the world’s future. He is an experienced investor who advises about connections building, choosing the type, and the best time to invest in cryptocurrency. It is a field that cannot benefit you without having an experienced mentor who will teach you every step of Dr. Rami. He got a certificate of appreciation from North star agency and the business world for being the best tech developer. The most appreciable thing about him is that he is always thankful for his friends and acquaintances for being the best support. Dr. Rami always mentions the Jordanian economic forum in all his achievements. Moreover, he frequently posts hiring opportunities in the tech field. So, if you are following him, you might get your dream job.

Dr. Rami also posted a video about the working of blockchain systems in cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a highly rehabilitated platform that is utilized among the world to decentralize connections. It is the most noteworthy network in cryptocurrencies with high cyber securities. Mechanics are not easy to understand, but Dr. Rami makes it significantly more leisurely in his profile. He developed cyber security networks for different renowned companies, and they all reviewed him the best. He loves to post daily, even he posts twice a day, so he will never let you bore with his relevant posting, and you will never find his profile sluggish. Follow @dr.rami_shaheen now and enjoy.

He highlighted his achievements from different institutions, including International Talent Institute. He also highlighted the automated robot working like a robust. He is also associated with the Fintech summit that appreciates his field. Additionally, he provides consultation for every area related to technology. If you are a student stuck with your thesis, you might consult Dr. Rami to produce top-notch thesis work and score the highest marks. Not only this, but you will also learn through the brilliant mastermind, Dr. Rami. When you can find a good mentor, a mastermind of Artificial intelligence, a tech influencer, and a crypto investor in one package, why will you not follow him? Let’s follow @dr.rami_shaheen and start your career now in technology.