Dr.Korpus (@dr.korpus)

Dr.Korpus (@dr.korpus)

Korpus. Popularly known as Dr. Korpus is a renowned artist. As a kid, just like every other child, Korpus was into video games. He used to stay in his room all day and play various kinds of video games all day long. To his interest, Korpus found the world of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) very interesting. The drawings of fictional characters, the monsters, and creatures with human-like limbs and faces with a twist, really intrigued Korpus. Slowly and gradually, Korpus started drawing those characters himself to see if he could mimic those characters. With a lot of effort and time, Korpus became really good at them.

Korpus became interested in the idea that human existence has been greatly amalgamated with the digital evolution and that one can not differentiate what’s what anymore. The metaverse consumes every aspect of human life and hence it has become unrecognizable. Korpus believes that in the future, not so far away, the faces we once knew are now pale and lifeless with dysmorphic shadows plunged into their soul which gives off a haunting look. He says that in order to save the entire human race, he will become the savior by devouring the seed. Once the seed is eaten, the demon will be unleashed and take over. But it’s odd to see that to certain people, he will be a demon and to others, he will be a god.

Dr. Korpus brings us along in his journey and asks his audience if they will feast on the seed or will they go down and perish into the realms that will never be seen. He invites them to come along in his journey through discord, a digital software where people can communicate with anyone in the world through texts, calls, video messaging, etc. Discord makes a community of people with the same interests where they can freely share their opinions, ideas, and views and are not brought down by others because they belong to the same community.

Dr. Korpus really stood out with his unique work of art. He was working behind the scenes for over six years and then finally came outside the shadows. He started viewing his work on his Instagram page @dr.korpus. He became renowned and a very sought artist because of his legendary work. His art was then used in various forms to the likes of video games, comic books, movies, graphic novels, etc. His work was also very highly regarded and hence he evolved into CGI work and 3D modelling. His models became famous and people from all over the globe wanted them for their collection.

Dr. Kopus started his series called “The Flesh of Humanity” which became highly renowned throughout. He released it series-wise. The first series consisted of 462 intimate hand-drawn NFTs, a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. These NFTs are rare collectible items for people who enjoy certain crafts on their Ethereum blockchain. These beautifully crafted 1 of 1 works of art include robust utility and a packed roadmap including access to a future online combat game along with VIP access to other Defi Mafia projects.

Dr. Korpus already set up the future series for the people who are interested in purchasing it and becoming a part of the community. In the first series, to be released in April 2022, 462 hand-drawn digital NFTs are announced for release. There will also be a hidden undisclosed number of legendary & one-off limited editions included for whitelist and raffle pre-sale. In the second series to be released in June 2022, for the dedicated forces for humanity, they will issue a limited number of flesh breeders. What will the combined primordial DNA reveal to them when they breed their series 1 with a series 2 that they are holding? For the third series to be released in August 2022, a very limited number of personalized items become the next series. NFTs minted for current holders of series 1 and 2. For the year 2023 and further, the story continues with comic books, short movies, physical art, and merchandise