Dr Derek Wallin (@drderekwallin)

Dr Derek Wallin (@drderekwallin)

Oral hygiene is not only about looking good or presentable to the other person but also about an individual’s overall health well-being and how that person functions. According to numerous studies, untreated oral diseases lead to a significant increase in the overall risk of bad health conditions. Dentists are specialised to help their patients avoid these conditions and visiting the dentist regularly helps to not only in keeping one’s mouth and teeth healthy but also helps in keeping the overall body healthy. Dentists also may be able to help just in case a problem occurs and helps treat it before it complicates and evolves too much. This way, dentists not only solve problems but also fix them before they might even seem like a problem to the patient!

Dr Derek Wallin is one such dentist. Based in Arizona, United States, Derek works at Grande Smiles located in Suite D Casa Grande in Arizona. The clinic consists of a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist. Dr Wallin works there as a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists are people who concentrate more on the aesthetics of their patients’ smiles and help in getting their patients to smile how they want to.

Dr Wallin received his dental degree from the University of the Pacific which is well-known nationwide for its unique approach to treating patients. Dr Wallin approaches his patients with a humanistic approach which is a manner of treating each patient by examining not just their teeth but also building a positive relationship to clearly understand the needs and wants of the people. This method works great because it allows for clear communication to happen between the dentist and the patient. Dr Wallin is extremely well-known for approaching his patients in this manner and is among some of the best dentists and dental specialists in the entire Casa Grande and Phoenix area.

Dr Wallin started his career with the world-famous celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr Bill Dorfman, best known for his work and appearances on ABC’s hit show, “Extreme Makeover”, as well as a co-host on the daytime talk show, “The Doctors”, along with various other TV appearances. Working alongside Dr Dorfman in Beverly Hills, Dr Wallin had experiences with treating A-list celebrities, musicians, artists and athletes as his patients which helped him be extremely precise and careful when it comes to his work.

Other than his experience as a dentist, Dr Wallin’s father was also a dentist which introduced him to the world of dentistry from a very early age which also helped him later in life. It was because of the familial interest in dentistry and his father always being an inspiration to him, Dr Wallin just knew that dentistry was where his interest lied from early on.

Dr Wallin has now been voted to be ‘Best Dentist – Best of Phoenix’ by the Phoenix Magazine for the past four years straight. This sentiment also reflects the positive reviews Grande Smiles gets after they are done with their treatments. All of Dr Wallin’s patients seem to recognize the passion he has for his work and how he makes sure to know all of his patients personally, welcome them and make them feel comfortable before beginning any procedure which works to get rid of any nervousness the patients might be feeling. He always seems to be looking for ways to improve and be a better dentist all the time.

Like the people, Dr Wallin also seems to have fallen in love with the Casa Grande area ever since he started working at Grande Smiles, he loves the atmosphere and also the people who just seem to emit warm energy making the whole community feel very wholesome as well. Dr Wallin also updates his Instagram regularly with updates regarding his work and general dental advice, one can follow him at the handle @drderekwallin.