Dominic Arthur Santoro (@domtoro1)

Dominic Arthur Santoro (@domtoro1)

Bullying is considered to be one of the most traumatizing concerns across the globe in schools, colleges, and other institutions. It has prevailed through generations after another and continues to do so. Bullying is a hostile act that uses one’s superiority in terms of strength to overpower the other. In other words, it is the act of intimidating someone to an extent of making them do what one wants. It is important to note why bullying has always predominated instead of subsiding. The biggest reason behind it according to a study is that bullying boosts the status of the bully which in turn instigates the bully to do it more often. Bullying can be experienced in many forms. Two of the most common ones are traditional bullying and cyberbullying. Traditional bullying is usually referred to as the one where the bully is face to face with the victim whereas cyber refers to it being done over the internet.

Over the years many strategies and organizations have been formed to overcome this malicious act. Awareness in all forms, be it organizing an event dedicating to this topic solely or running a campaign against bullying has been practiced to eliminate this activity. A brave, young soul who goes by the name Dominic Arthur Santoro is one such individual involved in spreading awareness regarding this problematic cause. Arthur is known to be an Anti-bullying advocate who is passionate about spreading compassion all over. He was only in elementary school when he realized the deep-rooted problem that prevailed in the society around him. It was then he decided to stand up for this cause and raise his voice to reach as many as possible.

Arthur is now a 20-year-old freshman in college and is very motivated about this particular cause. Witnessing people being bullied around him embarked on an idea in him to create some sort of page to channel his thoughts upon. He is on the social platform Instagram by the name @domtoro1 where the posts only focus on the topic of bullying. One of the latest posts on his page that is in the shape of a sign indicates the key factors that come under the heading of bullying. Some of these factors are rumour, gossiping, teasing, mean words, and name-calling that highly contribute to bullying. Another very eye-catching post on his Instagram page says “treat others the way you want to be treated” highlighting the importance of kindness solely because no one wants to be treated with misconduct whatsoever.

The passion to advocate anti-bullying not only is limited to Arthur’s Instagram posts. On his, bio Arthur has placed a link to a website called that addresses the underlying issue of bullying on a huge level. It is a program that uses multiple emotional and engaging methodologies to spread awareness and help anyone who has fallen victim to bullying. Real-life stories are shared to inspire and attract an audience and to be able to make them confident enough to fight on their own when being put up in such a situation. By placing the link on his bio, about 8k of his Instagram followers must have visited the website and recommended it to someone who they know of going through hard times in life.

It is commendable for a young guy such as Arthur who has taken a big step towards eliminating something so cruel from society. For people his age, it gets quite difficult to engage in something that is for a great cause. Since this is a very young age, many youngsters are naive and tend to suppress their voices because they fear the ultimate reaction of them bullied in return. What Arthur currently stands for is truly an inspiration for the young lads out there who can make use of their voice through social platforms and together bring the change that we have been wanting to see for a long time now.