DJ Chris Cross (@djchriscross_)

DJ Chris Cross (@djchriscross_)

DJ Chris Cross is a professional DJ for CoCash, DeeMula, and Mix up & Blenda Entertainment. He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He’s currently 25 years old and attended the Hollis F. Price Middle College High School. He graduated from high school in 2014, after which he went on to attend the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

DJ Chris stepped into the world of DJing right after his high school graduation in 2014. He started with DJing sets for house parties that his colleagues threw. As his popularity grew, he started arranging his own events throughout Memphis, where he would showcase his musical talent for hundreds of people in the audience. Within a few years, in 2017, he was nominated for the HBCU Buzz’s Hottest Campus DJ award. This was a clear indication that his influence and popularity grew exponentially in Memphis. In 2019, DJ Chris finally had the opportunity to take his skills to a higher level. He ended up touring with Moneybagg Yo on his Word for Word tour. However, 2019 seemed to be the year of tours for DJ Chris. After the Word for Word tour, he went on tour with Yo Gotti, 42 Dugg, and CoCash on the “Only the Streets Know” tour.  

2020 brought something entirely different but just as exciting for DJ Chris. In 2020, he finally got the opportunity to broadcast his skills. He was offered the role of an on-air personality for a Memphis-based radio station named WYXR 91.7 FM. He has his own formatted show on the channel called “Literally Lit,” which he co-hosted with That Boy Cortez. His brimming skills and talents led him to become an official DJ for Memphis-based artists, namely CoCash, DeeMula, and Kenny Muney. Currently, DJ Chris is a mix show DJ for Memphis’ KXHT Hot 1.7.1 channel. He also manages and DJs for Lil Double 0, which is Freebandz Gang’s upcoming Memphis-based talent.

DJ Chris has his own unique mixing style and identity, setting him apart from all other Memphis-based DJs. He knows that he has the ability to sway his audience’s emotions with a single flick of his fingers, and he takes pride in that.

Although it is already clear that DJ Chris Cross has a full platter currently, with managing new talent and DJing for several artists as well as hosting his own radio show, his social media is an even bigger signifier of how popular he has become since he began his career in 2014. His Instagram account currently has 198 posts with a massive 10.3k followers. His posts mostly consist of promotions of his upcoming work and features, including his work with Lil Double 0. He also has several pictures of himself and his son on his Instagram account. According to DJ Chris, his son serves as a beacon of hope and love when everything else is dark. Chris adores his son a lot, and it shows on his account where he shares adorable pictures of his little boy and himself. His son is currently just a year old, and we can see Chris wishing him a happy birthday with a cute snapshot of both of them on his account.

One of the best things about DJ Chris’ affiliations with Memphis-based artists is that all of them seem to be doing really well on local and international charts. They’re making music that becomes a hit instantly, and part of it is owed to DJ Chris Cross and his magical DJing skills. If you’re a fan or wish to follow DJ Chris Cross on social media, you can find him on Instagram (@djchriscross_) or Facebook, where he goes by the name DJ Chris Cross.