DJ BRUNO AZEVEDO (@Djbrunoazevedo)

DJ Bruno Azevedo (@Djbrunoazevedo)

Bruno Azevedo, known by his stage name DJ Bruno Azevedo, is an aspiring DJ who was born in Portugal. He always had a great love for music, hence he became a DJ at age 16 only, while he was still living in Portugal. At age 18, he moved to Brazil and found that he loved music so much that he wished to make a career out of it, thus in Brazil, he continued his career as a DJ. As he traveled around Brazil and immersed himself in new music, he got a taste for electronic music (EDM) and started mixing tracks at a young age. At age 21, he moved to the United States, in Boston, where his career flourished by leaps and bounds as he had the opportunity to perform at many clubs in Boston.
From his Instagram profile, it can be seen that he loves to travel, not only throughout the US, but the world. There are story highlights about visiting Dubai, Canada, Boston, New York, Colombia, and California. He performs in clubs wherever he goes and has rapidly gained a lot of popularity. He often posts photos with his family and significant other, and it can be seen that he is a loving family man, who spends as much time with them as he can and showers them with his love and affection.

He loves doing different activities and is adventurous in nature. In Dubai, he posted pictures riding an ATV in the desert as well as riding a camel in the desert too! Moreover, he loves taking to the sky as he has an airplane pilot’s license, and can often be seen flying a plane in the sky. He loves leisurely activities too, like going to Universal Studios in the US with his family.
DJ Bruno Azevedo has a Soundcloud account as well, where he shares his music mixes. He has almost 1500 followers on Soundcloud which is a big feat. His description states that he is a lover of Tribal and Progressive sound and that his tracks never make the dance floor go still for even a second. He mainly produces remixes and original mixes, including tracks by INNA, Whitney Houston, Deborah Cox, and many other popular musicians. His songs have up to 10,000 replays, which shows how much people like his remixes.
Not only is Bruno talented, but he is down to earth and humble as well, crediting his success to his close friends Gabriel and Patrick who were always around him and supported him. Through their help, he was able to perform at Boston’s most popular clubs such as Icon nightclub, 135 Lounge, Candi Bar, etc.
Bruno is a positive person by nature, and his favorite quote is “giving up is never an option”. His positive and can-do attitude has bought him very far in his career. Positivity can be a driving factor in one’s life, whereas negativity can bring life to a halt. Bruno’s positive outlook on life and its many difficulties, which he has overcome with grace, is the reason behind the success in his DJ career. His favorite quote is a reflection of his view on life, which is very optimistic and persevering.

Bruno is quite popular on Instagram, with around 1700 followers, and he posts there every once in a while with life updates. He spends his days and even evenings as a DJ in different clubs and often invites other DJ’s over to play music with him in different clubs in order to support them. This shines a light on his extroverted and kind nature. Apart from traveling and playing music and creating remixes, Bruno loves spending time with his family and significant other.
You can stay up to date with Bruno Azevedo and his various activities by following his Instagram handle @djbrunoazevedo and you can play his music and remixes on Soundcloud via his handle @Bruno Azevedo.