Dirt Busters (@thedirtbusters)

Dirt Busters (@thedirtbusters)

In a world full of disease, viruses, global warming caused and exacerbated by the copious amounts of pollution that is done, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that the solution to most of these problems would come in the form of the inhabitants of Earth just taking care of it. This care entails human beings to care about their cleanliness and what they are doing to keep the Earth just as clean. The amount of toxins and filth in the environment has skyrocketed and continues to rise because of how humans are mishandling resources. Although the issue of cleanliness, or the lack thereof, actually starts from a very miniscule part of the problem, human beings who do not care about the keeping of the planet they live on, often do not care much about their own health as well. Not only is being careless about your personal hygiene and cleanliness extremely detrimental to your health, but it also makes you open to preventable diseases and viral infections.

This very disinterest in ones own health becomes the catalyst for people to stop caring about the environment as well, and that makes the issue larger than a personal issue because it has an impact on humanity and the other inhabitants of Earth. Often times, in the face of such crises, a group of heroes rise to occasion but in the fight against bad hygiene and lack of cleanliness, these heroes ditched the capes and tights and donned masks, gloves, aprons with their choices of weapons being vacuums, brushes, spray bottles, and power tools instead.

Inspired by Ghostbusters, this team of hygienic heroes hail from Anaheim in California and call themselves The Dirt Busters. Veteran owned and aiming to become a household name one city at a time, the Dirt Busters are essentially a professional cleaning service who literally do all the dirty work for their clients or anyone who avails their services and leave behind a spotless, sparkling, and fresh site. With a charming mascot who looks like a mix between a minion, Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., and an Among Us character, Dirt Busters have a long list of services that are accessible on their social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and their own website. While their social media handles are @thedirtbusters, their website name takes a wittier turn being www.hurtondirt.com. The “Hurt on Dirt” adds a fun spin on their mission, which is to be superheroes who rid the world of all things dirty.

Dirt Busters have mastered the art of cleaning to such a great extent that some of their services extend to areas you might not even know or realize require regular deep cleaning. Starting from your usual carpet cleaning, thorough home cleaning, sanitization, tile and grout cleaning, solar panel cleaning, Dirt Busters took things one step ahead in attempt to cleaning people’s homes and in turn, cleaning the environment as well. The extended list of services they offer include air duct cleaning, furnace and AC filter cleaning, dryer duct cleaning, even post-move and construction cleanups! Their combined cleaning experience exceeds a century, and their success and satisfaction rate is a testament to that.

Aside from private clients who book them through their websites, a lot of chains and businesses regularly avail their services as well, namely Subway and the University of California, Irvine. Proving that they aren’t your cookie-cutter cleaning service, Dirt Busters also sell odor eliminating candles in multiple flavors on their website, and unsurprisingly they are almost always sold out! Along with their discounts that make a booking look even more tempting, Dirt Busters do more than just make for a desirable case for cleaning, they are on the mission to spread awareness about the importance of cleanliness as well. All form of their social media platforms provides facts, tips, and information about being clean and the importance of it, which is a good cause for people who don’t actually require their cleaning service.

Join the Dirt Busters in their mission by following them on their Instagram @thedirtbusters on the road to a cleaner world!