Devi (@devideauville)

Devi (@devideauville)

This article introduces you to a very young, energetic, dynamic, versatile, and multi-faceted personality whose name is Devi Deauville.

Devi Deauville hails from Beverly Hills, California. She was born in Washington, D.C., and raised in the country sector of Loudoun County, Virginia. She is a Fashion Model, Fitness model, Makeup artist (MUA), actress, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Since her childhood, she has been inclined towards the fashion and entertainment industry. She started her career as a makeup and nail artist. As she grew older, her interest in ‘beauty’ got intensified. She also got an opportunity to compete in county/state pageants and won a county pageant title. She later became a practitioner of cosmetology. As she has always been a self-driven person so she felt an urge to join the entertainment industry. She started acting in commercials, building her portfolio with local photographers, and representing clothing companies. Since then, she has been an exceptional model, experienced artist, and a beautiful actress. As a model, she models swimwear, lingerie, body art, implied, as well as more artistic concepts such as martial arts, fantasy, and culture. Devi is known and has been growing in popularity in the industry because of her versatility. She besides trusting herself believes in hard work. From the beginning, she knew what she had to do and to achieve. She after diagnosing her talent started working and striving hard to be where she is today. The secret behind her having a successful career is her resilience, consistency, strength, vigor, patience, hard work, dedication, and commitment. She avails herself of every opportunity and loves meeting the challenges which come on her way boldly. Because of being multi-faceted, she has been featured on the cover pages of many magazines.

In addition to this, Devi Deauville is health and fitness conscious. She tries hard to maintain her look and that’s why she has a very attractive, charming, and eye-catching figure. She has always wanted her body to look as she wants. She is bold enough to have shared her story and experience of cosmetic surgery and is extremely happy with the results. The reasons for her getting the surgery were comfort and the appearance that she wanted. She never pretends to be what she is not. And that is just because she is true to herself and the people all around her. This young, attractive, and charming model is sensitive and emotional who feels emotions in every tune of life. Moreover, Devi believes to be optimistic who has always focused on the positive, happier, and brighter aspects of life. She never allows herself to fall prey to negative thoughts and a pessimistic attitude towards life because she is well aware of the fact that those who are overwhelmed with the negativity of any sort can never reach their glorious destination. She tries her best to stay motivated and never gets demotivated and distracted from her successful journey to her bright future.

Furthermore, Devi has a lot to do and much to achieve in the entertainment industry for which she is firmly determined. Apart from this, she enjoys and cherishes every moment of her life. She has been an admirer of Mother Nature and finds her peace of mind when she is out surrounded by the beauty of nature. She loves traveling to different parts of the world too.  Despite being busy in the pursuit of her vision, she knows the art of managing her personal and social life. She remains active on social media platforms where she keeps updating her fans about her professional, personal and social life. She on her Instagram account has been able to garner 51.1K followers. More can be learned about this world-renowned model and actress if she is followed on her social media pages, the links to which are given below.