Deontae Adams (@talkabouttae)

Deontae Adams (@talkabouttae)

To make for an enriched and enjoyable school life, a student needs to make sure they have the perfect balance between academics, extra curricular activities, down time to spend with friends, and alone time to spend with themselves. Ensuring that a student, who already is under copious amounts of immense, backbreaking stress and pressure, has enough time to recuperate after studying and making sure their future in academics is bright is extremely vital to their growth. While some of these activities can be things that a student engages in to fuel their hobbies, like photography, modeling, drawing, playing an instrument or even crafting, other activities of a similar nature tend to overlap with extra curricular activities from school like sports, debating, elocution, etc.

In his efforts to balance his academics and stress-relieving activities when he is not studying, Deontae Adams chose to channel all his remaining energy into sports but not just any sport, basketball. Although it does not come as a surprise to anyone considering basketball is a popular sport among youngsters since it becomes a fun yet exertive activity that lets a player release all their tension and also stay fit, it is something that Adams has found himself excelling in and enjoying as something more than just a means of killing time.

With younger students who have not crossed into the world of college, university, and higher levels of education that accompany higher levels of responsibility, it is very easy to sideline your studies for sports because it seems less burdening than being buried in books all night and feels much more gratifying, but the mark of a responsible student is one who can find the right balance while not jeopardizing either side of their student life.

Deontae is a respected student and athlete and the textbook definition of responsible and passionate. Letting his passion for the sport drives him to get better in the game while also knowing that he cannot sideline his education because, like all sports, having a professional career in any sport is a tough game of skill and luck. Knowing it doesn’t work out for everyone has, however, never stopped him or become an obstacle in his goal to become the best version of himself that he can be.

Representing the Hillcrest Hawks when he is an athlete, Adams is coached by famous basketball player Norman Thomas. With talented people by his side, Adams plays for a team that predominantly hosts Spanish or Black players, with their motto being “#JustUs”. Adams and his team frequently catch the eye of basketball fans and enthusiasts who keep up with their seasons as they play in New York. Hoping to become a professional in the field and potentially make it his bread and butter, Deontae Adams has proven time and again that he has the determination and grit to take his dream forward.

When Adams is not studying or polishing his game shooting hoops, he is your average youngster who finds enjoyment in regular activities like spending time with his friends and listening to music. Like most people his age, Adams is an avid listener and enjoyer of rap music. On his Instagram (@talkabouttae) he has a story highlight section dedicated to is favorite raps and songs that he updates whenever he finds time or new music that he thinks is worthy to share with his friends and followers. His other story highlights include interviews, photographs and videos of him regarding basketball, while the other is just selfies and pictures of him.

Adams, like most basketball players and fans, is a fan of nice playing shoes and is an avid collector as he can be seen sporting Jordans and other big-name sports shoes in the pictures he has uploaded to Instagram.

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