Delmon Poultry Company (

Delmon Poultry Company (

I believe a good chicken breast, if made well, is the best thing ever.” -Bhumi Pednekar

Who doesn’t love chicken as a meat intake? From wings to legs, from thighs to breast a good quality chicken can make a dish the most delicious in the world. From nuggets to chicken burgers, from salads to soups or stews, a good quality chicken does not only make a dish delicious but fresh as well. Delmon Poultry Company is one such company who produces and manufactures the best quality halal chicken, fresh from the poultry farms, and deliver it all across the country.

Delmon Poultry Company is a company located in the kingdom of Bahrain which manufactures and produces the Best Quality chicken products and delivers them to the grocery stores for their customers to buy. They have been working with farms and natural products for almost 30 years. If we talk about the food quality then they are officially accredited by the quality of the global food-bound – ISO 22000 which means that the food they manufacture, produce and deliver is fresh and of high quality. Delmon Poultry Company B.S.C. is a public shareholding company registered with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in the Kingdom of Bahrain and operates under commercial registration number 10700 obtained on 21 July 1980. Delmon Poultry is officially listed on Bahrain’s Stock Exchange with an authorized share capital of 10 million Bahraini Dinars (BHD) while the total issued share capital is 3,120,928 Bahraini Dinars at the rate of 100 Files (BHD 0.1) for an individual share.

The products that this company produces are fresh and frozen which includes half chicken (700g), liver (400g), minced chicken (400g), full chicken, drumsticks, chicken thigh, boneless chicken thigh, wings, and breasts. Delmon Poultry Company is an expert in delivering the best 100% Natural halal chicken in the market. Working with more than 30 farms all over the Kingdom they are always able to deliver fresh products. Their vision statement is “Providing local products at highest levels of specifications, standards, and quality while adhering to international norms and standards”. While their mission is “To be pioneers in the poultry industry through the continued development of the level of production and quality by adopting highest levels of quality standards in order to get both our customers satisfaction as well as our employees.”

Delmon Poultry Company has got different departments which contribute to the final products that they manufacture for the market. Firstly, they have their own hatchery. The company began the emergence of the first production of chicks in the beginning of November 1992. Their production capacity is of about 9.58 million chicks. They use incubation and hatching machines of international companies, as the eggs are imported from international companies. Secondly, they have their own Feed mill factory that was established in 1982. Their feed mill factory does not just produces feed for their chickens but for cows, goats, birds, and zoo animals etc. as well. Furthermore, they have their own processing plant where the process of manufacturing and packaging of chicken takes place. The capacity of their processing plant is about 27,000 chickens per day.

They receive live chickens from a breeder broiler accredited by the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning to raise broiler chickens. The chickens are slaughtered in the hands of national and according to Islamic law, and then they are sent for the automatic process of packaging and weighing which is according to modern technology. After this, the packed chicken is marketed in the local market under the trade name “chicken farm.” Recently, Delmon Poultry Company has introduced a new machine for the production of chicken fillets.

The customers can contact the company for home delivery from 7 a.m to 2 p.m. via their app that is available on the apple store or can call them on the numbers provided on their website or Instagram account. If you want the best quality fresh chicken then do not worry the Delmon Poultry Company has everything covered.