Degoat (@degoatclo)

Degoat (@degoatclo)

Starting a business is no child’s play, especially in times like ours where the pandemic overshadows every aspect of our lives making it impossible for any business to properly thrive. Yet, to lay down the foundations of a startup and advertise it is a bold move and is definitely admirable. Every step needs to be calculated and planned to make sure things run smoothly and a loyal customer base is achieved. One would argue that clothing brands may have it easier since anyone can follow a size chart these days and there are a lot of people who prefer to order their clothing online. While this is true, it doesn’t change the fact that starting a clothing business is one of the hardest to do.

DEGOAT is an upcoming clothing brand based in London that has recently caught the eyes of many. Despite no official launch, there are many people who are already anticipating the variety of designs they will have. Founded in January 2020, Degoat is a modern luxury fashion brand for menswear that aims to include elements of haute couture clothing and accessories. They aim to include elements of Athleisurewear and Streetwear. This includes clothing items that are worn both in sports and casually such as include yoga pants, tights, sneakers, leggings, and shorts, etc. These clothes look like sportswear but are mostly worn in casual settings, at home, at school, etc. All their clothing is made of the highest quality premium cotton and is machine washable and is manufactured in the UK.  Markeil Degoat is the owner of this brand and he has previously spoken about gathering his knowledge in the fashion industry through experience and study. He aims to apply this knowledge to his brand and make the best and most comfortable clothing for other people to wear. According to him, learning about fashion has broadened his perspective on life and he is now looking to share this with the world through the clothing he makes.

He came up with the idea of starting a clothing brand a long time ago and started working in his small studio. Slowly, however, it grew. But despite this, the pandemic imposed unforeseen restrictions on the release of his brand. The release date had to be inevitably delayed. When asked about where he got the inspiration from for the style of clothing that DEGOAT Studios make, he mentioned comfort being his number one priority. Most of the clothing made by Degoat is baggier and is designed in a way that people feel relaxed in them. Since streetwear is already a tough field to break into, especially because there are multiple big names that are trusted in this sector, it becomes a big question as to why one would even attempt to start a business of streetwear clothing. The answer is simple. Once you know you have something new and unique to bring to the table, you try it out. Degoat has an aim to understand the emotions and feelings of young individuals and to create quirky and different designs that stand out from others.

As mentioned before, the pandemic has had a huge effect on businesses. Degoat mentions this and says that while the pandemic has affected the speed of production, it has actually had a positive outcome on sales. More people prefer to shop online and as most people are staying home, there is an increased demand for the kind of clothing that is provided by Degoat.

As for the future, Degoat keeps futuristic planning as their number one priority. The future might be unpredictable, but if one remains prepared for the worse situations, it is still possible to sail a bit smoothly. They are also looking for talented individuals to join their team and to become one of the biggest brands in streetwear and comfortable yet fashionable clothing. If you visit their website, they also offer the option of subscription towards a newsletter that contains all the latest Degoat designs and new clothing releases. One can easily enter their email address and become the first to know about their best pieces which help people express themselves in one’s own personal style.