Deepak Gupta (@deepsgopro)

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented Deepak Gupta from the successful one is hard work. Deepak is a fitness enthusiast, cyclist, runner, triathlete, Ironman Dubai 70.3 Finisher 2021, and Amazon verified influencer. In short, Deepak is a multi-talented person who knows how to be good at everything by working hard. His love for all these professions is priceless as he never thinks a single time about spending money on his bike or any business tour. Deepak’s strength is his 34.4k followers on Instagram (@deepsgopro) and his other social media fans like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Deepak is a role model for the young generation and those who want to achieve their goals. Follow Deepak to know his success stories and motivate his jovial nature.   

Deepak Gupta has also competed in Dubai’s Ironman 70.3, among the most famous races globally. Ironman is a three-sport event that includes swimming, biking, and running.  The Ironman 70.3 distance race is approximately 1.9 kilometers of swimming in the Arabian Sea with the Burj al Arab in the background, a 90-kilometer bike ride, and a 21-kilometer running.  The race is quick, flat, and a stepping stone to a personal record performance. Deepak didn’t win that race, but his goal was never to win this race; instead, he wanted to feel the atmosphere and fun of being a part of this race. Deepak Gupta is always a positive person. Stop hatred and follow Deepak Gupta for increasing positive vibes around you.  

Deepak Gupta always shares his experiences and stories with his follower. Once, he shared his expertise about climbing Nainital from Corbett. He talked about nasty weather, which made the ride difficult with rain and freezing temps. There were times when he couldn’t feel his fingers, even wearing three layers and full-finger gloves! They were so cold that he had to take a break and blow them some hot air to warm them up. His bike jerseys and outer layers were dripping wet, and most players were shivering in their gear. A unique medal, which I haven’t been seen in any Delhi NCR cycling event over the previous several years, was in his hands through his champion team. He knows how to fight against harsh situations in every field of life, so be a part of Deepak’s community and learn to fight. Follow Deepak for more amazing stories of his adventures.

A genuine relationship comes when the silence between two best friends is comfortable. Deepak Gupta and his soul mate Neha Gupta have spent many years together. They have adorable children who are also passionate as passion runs in their genes. Love is contiguous! Deepak’s love, care, and kindness for even stray cats and dogs is unbeatable. If you want to know him and his personal life, follow Deepak on Instagram.

Deepak knows that nature’s beauty is incomparable, and this beauty makes him love this life. Each season offers a unique assortment of natural splendors to discover and enjoy. The enjoy goes from the bright new blossoms of spring and the stunning display of colors in the fall to the enchantment of winter and the vivacity of summer. For individuals who may have forgotten what it’s like to be in the great outdoors, they should follow Deepak to see his pictures of nature’s beauty.

Deepak always stays tuned with his followers and fans by posting his life journey through social media accounts. His posts are not just regular selfie pictures. Instead, he makes his image attractive with his dashing, pure, and upbeat personality. Deepak is the rockstar of Instagram as he once received an award of “Born on Instagram.” Follow Deepak for knowing how to get this priceless reward.