Declan Wilson (@radiodecky)

The host is the one who is responsible for engaging the audience with his words, expressions, and appearance. It requires consistent dedication and hard work on and off camera to prove yourself a diligent Host. Here I have Mr Declan Wilson to introduce as a successful Host and DJ. His exceptional qualities of being a host gathered around 17k followers on Instagram. You can find him by username @radiodecky on Instagram. People adore him because of his tremendous and worthy updates on Instagram. He produces catchy and attractive pictures. Declan is an extrovert who loves to involve in social activities. His personality is so lively being an Event host. DJ’s life is full of music and songs, so; he always enjoys his profession. You will find short vlogs of him on his Instagram profile which shows his interest in Vlogging. He also loves to watch series and movies. One of his favourite series is Cobrakai. If you are related to media or want to explore the field of DJ and Host, you must follow Declan Wilson.

Declan Wilson is one of the co-authors of the Beat – Feis Music app produced by Irish people to sponsor and promote Irish music. Q radio also has featured him on weekdays from 6 am to 10 am, where he conducts his show named Up and It with Decky. He has been doing the show with Q radio for the last year, and recently he and his team celebrated the birthday of the show in which he thanks all the members and workers who supported him to take the whole journey that smoothly. Declan’s media career is so diversified. He also interviewed Michael Buble when he released a new song on valentine’s day. In another post, Declan shows his unconditional love for Q Ski Team 2022, and he appreciates the effort of every team member. He said he had never met such genuine, funny, crazy, and friendly people before. He got so emotional in his caption and wrote a long paragraph praising Q ski team members. He also gave away his DJ services for the one lucky winner with the collaboration of Boost Drinks NI. You might get a chance to have Declan as a DJ at your upcoming grand party as a giveaway. To get giveaway updates, follow Declan Wilson on Instagram.

Declan Wilson is married to his love of life on the flip side. He recently got married in Ireland and now skiing with his wife. He loves to travel and his wife too, so they enjoy skiing. Declan Wilson explored the significant areas of media at the age of only twenty-eight, and this year he turned twenty-nine. Declan’s friendly behaviour attracts the children towards him. That is why he shared a great bond with his little niece. Declan always loves to wish Happy Birthdays to their loved ones through her Instagram posts. He wanted his mommy her 60th birthday, the first birthday of his wife Kelly after their marriage, his niece’s third birthday, and the birthday of his loving father from the church. As per the nature of Declan, he is a meme lover and not offended to post memes on his Instagram profile. He rarely gets severe, and every time, you will find him a jolly person who loves to entertain his surroundings. Last Christmas, Q radio made a funny book titled by his Santa look pictures. Although, last Christmas was very memorable for him because he was with his wife for the first Christmas. Declan Wilson is a very pure soul with affable nature. Follow Declan Wilson and enjoy his posts when you feel down.