David Soto (@davudsota)

David Soto (@davudsota)

David Soto is an inspiration for many individuals on social media. He has an articulate and charismatic personality that attracts people from all over the world. Every online influencer requires a specific set of talents and communication skills to garner attention from people and promote businesses and cooperate with brands. His aesthetic style of photography and editing plays a huge role in enabling people to see his life. As they say, nothing speaks louder than a picture. David has mastered the art of telling his life stories and daily events through his beautiful photos. David grew up as a shy child with little confidence to speak up in front of others or have a solid outlet to express his emotions freely. Regardless, he took pictures with his sister and has loved the camera since childhood. Eventually, he outgrew his insecurities and became a growing Internet sensation. David has groomed his personality and lifestyle to achieve the vast audience on his Instagram.

David was always fascinated with the variety of camera handling techniques and angles in photography. His photography skills are evident in his Instagram feed and reflect his production knowledge. His sister helped him achieve his goals by standing on his side at every hurdle in life and now considers her his manager. A significant reason why David presents his family life with prominence is due to the support of his parents and siblings. He regards them with respect and endorses his followers to look forward to family events and treat their loved ones like no other. An essential portion of one’s life is spent with family. They nurture a child to its full potential: David understands this mindset and urges people to celebrate life and support them endlessly.

The rise of social media usage led to many people finding a way to represent themselves and highlight their opinions to a bigger audience. David joined the crowd of the budding Influencers but stands out from the rest: he is an avid advocate of mental health and shows his life more realistically. The greatest gap in the market of social media influencers is their authenticity with followers. Many people refuse to acknowledge life outside the Internet bubble: this leads to unrealistic expectations in society. It also creates a glamorous image of people without truly displaying the accurate picture filled with struggles, mental health issues, and ordinary.

David has filled this gap as one of the few Hispanic Influencers who are strong administers of mental health problems, immigration in the United States, and LGBTQ+ activists. He has firm opinions supporting the queer community and constantly voicing his concerns regarding their safety, rights, and freedom of expression. David also faces many phases of depression and openly discusses his daily emotions online with his followers to gain their insight and spread positivity. He believes the best way to influence people is connecting to them on a deeper level, and that is what David does on his socials.

David’s Instagram is the highlight of his career where you can witness him going from a barista at Starbucks in the day to him enjoying his nightlife. He lives his life perfectly balanced with enjoying new ventures, traveling, and spending time with his family as well. His Instagram profile is like an insight into David’s diary filled with pictures of his friends, co-workers, and recollections of his past with his siblings. He takes one down a memory lane and does not represent his life as some fascinating exhibition of party life. Instead, he is relatable, attentive, and charming to his followers, which is why his popularity online has increased tenfold.

Currently, David has over 24 thousand followers on his Instagram, with more on the rise every single day! You can follow him on his socials and have a great experience having open discussions sharing your views and opinions with him. His Instagram username is davudsoto, and fijolespills for Twitter. He also has a Snapchat that you can follow by the name davudsoto.