David Rosenberg (@rosenbergplasticsurgery)

David Rosenberg (@rosenbergplasticsurgery)

Dr. David Rosenberg, an American plastic surgeon and a doctor in medicine has dedicated his passion to boosting people’s confidence and making them feel better about their appearance. Dr. Rosenberg has epitomized an unwavering commitment in utilizing his education, training, and experience for changing the perception of how people view their world. According to Dr. Rosenberg, the field of plastic surgery allows him to combine his surgical knowledge with the skills of creativity and artistry and create something for the betterment of one’s own relief

Growing up in Kannas City, Missouri, Dr. Rosenberg left Midwest to pursue his undergraduate education at the University of Pennsylvania. From there he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Paleobiology. Dr. Rosenberg then enrolled himself in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. While gathering valuable experience of leadership and teamwork at John Hopkins, Dr. Rosenberg decided to pursue his career specifically in the field of Plastic Surgery. Thereon, he joined the Integrated Plastic Surgery Training Program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Eager to gain experience in this field, Dr. Rosenberg also invested a further year in the study of nerve surgery with some of the Pre-eminent specialists of America. A major area of Dr. Rosenberg’s study was focused on the decompression of nerves for the treatment of migraine and chronic headaches. Other than the clinical training Dr. Rosenberg also remained committed to his teaching and research activities for keeping his plastic surgery skills and expertise fresh.

Completing his research fellowship at North-Western University, Dr. Rosenberg published several precious research papers covering the domains of peripheral nerve surgery, wound healing, and cosmetic surgery. These research works were honored with multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks.

Owing to his work experience, extensive research, and a keen interest in his field, today his expertise covers a wide array of services including Esculpt Neo, breast reconstruction, fractional skin resurfacing, hormone therapy, laser hair removal, micro-needling, opus plasma, platelet-rich plasma therapy, tattoo removal, vein removal, and venus viva. in addition to this, Dr. Rosenberg has extended further services in the sphere of peripheral nerves, such as treatments for chronic headache, diabetic symptomatic neuropathy, acute nerve injury, and much more.

Dr. Rosenberg not only lays immense efforts for a harmless surgery for his patients but also pays heed to the after-effects of surgery. His patients have been reported to have wrinkle-free skin with no surgery marks on it. Post-operation burns and irritation are ensured of being eliminated in the process. Other than that, Dr. Rosenberg also provides special derma products from his personal product line.

Sente Labs’ Dermal Repair Cream, one of Dr. Rosenberg’s special, enhances the complexion and skin tone of the patient while bestowing them a radiant complexion. In addition, Revivogen’s Scalp Therapy for Fine & Thinning Hair is a topical formula designed to gain thicker, fuller, and healthier hair over time. Products like Bio-Cleansing Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, TNS Essential Serum, Dermal Repair Moisturizer, and Latisse have also accessorized the product line of Dr. David Rosenberg.

Being a meticulous surgeon, Dr Rosenberg pays absolute attention to tiny little details in his operations and makes sure he provides the best to his customers. He perceives his patients as part of his family and treats them accordingly. Dr. Rosenberg believes that every person shall be provided space enough to courageously express their complexes so that he can assist them mentally and physically to rise out of the shackles holding them back. The combination of compassionate manner with magnificent clinical skills has allowed Dr. Rosenberg to reach great milestones in life.

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