David O’Sullivan (@daveosullivanphysio)

David O’Sullivan (@daveosullivanphysio)

David O’Sullivan – better known as Dave – is a Chartered Physiotherapist with a master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning. Having worked as a sports physiotherapist with England Rugby Union in the 2019 Japanese Rugby World Cup and with the England Rugby League in the 2017 Australian Rugby League World Cup, David felt that his experience could be better suited in the benefit of the maximum number of people. As so came into existence his Huddersfield private practice. Built from scratch, the private practice started in a dingy one-room studio and has now transformed into one of the leading physiotherapy clinics in Europe. Sporting over ten staff members, the private practice helps patients who have been failed by the traditional approaches every day.

Still not satisfied with what he was currently offering to the world, Dave has, over the years, developed a unique step-by-step approach for use with his sporting and non-sporting patients. He now teaches his innovative methods to therapists all over the world, in hopes that the knowledge he has come to possess can reach as wide a  scope as possible – which, in turn, would result in the most number of people being able to reap the results of his innovative new techniques.

Sporting a massive following of almost 17,000 on his Facebook page and well over a resounding 7,000 on his Instagram – with numbers growing by the minute – Dave effectively utilizes the online space to further his reach to potential patients and fellow physiotherapists alike. His presence online seeks to fulfill two objectives – that is; provide patients with sports injuries with his innovative new therapies which focus on having a structured step by step system in place that gives repeatable outcomes and to help fellow therapists target the “WHY” behind what a therapy regimen is meant to achieve, taking the emotion out of the decision making for therapists in private practice and pro sport and hyper-focusing, instead, on the most appropriate steps to ensure full recovery of a patient.

Having landed his dream job as a therapist for Munster Rugby four years into his career, David thought that he had made it –  but after a humbling confrontation with the errors of his wats, realization struck him like a bolt of lightning, and Dave finally understood that he had got to “start looking at the person rather than the site of pain.” And so, obsessed with his vision of laying down a system to achieve the best for his players and finding himself lost – even after embarking on a financially arduous journey of hopping from course to course in search of a coherent answer – David finally had enough. Taking matters into his own hands, the therapist has dedicated the past eight years of his life to his passion project – the “Go To” physio step-by-step system.

While David’s therapy has proven to garner all the success and praise he deserves – as can be seen by his performance in the England Rugby League at the 2017 World Cup final week in Australia, and Japan at the 2019 Rugby Union world cup – the man, as always, has been fixated on imparting his knowledge to as many people as possible. With a growing trend of private practice patients craving a pro sport approach when it comes to injury treatment, David’s method has instantly become the most celebrated training program available on the market -with the man doing everything in his power to deliver on his promise of helping as many as possible.

With the step-by-step program having reached over 550+ therapists in over 26 countries worldwide, David’s dedication to his craft is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Along with his continued tenacity to keep on going till he gets what he wants -something he has proven time and time again – David’s persistence in providing easy, accessible information of all he has learned throughout his journey via not only his “Go To” program – but also his Instagram and YouTube – serves well to show that man has earned all the recognition that he deserves.