David Olusegun (@dolusegun)

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a movement that highlights the racism, discrimination, and inequality experienced by black people worldwide. Some youngsters worldwide support this movement and individually pay for their own by working on it. If you want to be part of the hashtag #blacklivesmatter or this movement, you can follow David Olusegun. A young man empowers blackamoors to stay up for their rights and be confident in who they are; he has almost 18k followers on Instagram, and his id is @dolusegun. He also runs his company, foundation, and podcast accounts on Instagram. All those looking forward to supporting black people can follow him on Instagram.

Life is all about appreciating little things and celebrating them. Like this quote, David Olusegun enjoys every little moment going in his life and loves to share it on his social media account. He wants his family and friends to be a part of his celebrations and memories. He thinks life is a party that everyone should have to enjoy. He is also fond of celebrating his birthday bash with his close ones. His Instagram profile shows that he has an interest in music too. He has launched music with his friends. Follow David on Instagram and see how he enjoys his life.

David Olusegun casually does podcasts with other people to know what they think about black lives and shares his thoughts. These informal talks open the minds of teens worldwide and help others join this movement. His podcasts are generally based on motivating others to become victorious believers. You can follow his podcast account @comeshineyourlight to learn about different influencers. This young man is also an entrepreneur who initiated his own business. The purpose of starting this creative control venture is to make people fall in love with the excellency of his brand. If it sounds interesting to you, Follow David on Instagram.

BLM activists are essential to be present all over the world. Not only present, but they should also have to play their roles. He has just started his foundation to support the slogan #blacklivesmatters and blackamoors. He wants black people to grow and lead the world. This young man wants the black people to consider their black color a weapon; if they think like that, they’ll never be seen as unarmed. This foundation was started up to give confidence to black people and make them realize that they could be a leader and have the capability to be the ruler of this world. The basic idea to build this foundation is to lend helping hands to black people. I’m sure you all will be interested in being apart. To show your interest, you can follow his Instagram id, in which he updated details regarding his foundation.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. It is the only way to learn many new things in life. It is essential for everyone. Some people travel for fun; some do it for other purposes. Travel helps us meet new people and allows us to make new friends. Through you get to know other people’s lifestyles. This man’s profile shows that he loves to explore places worldwide. He is a thalassophile; his love for the ocean is unconditional. If you are an ocean lover, you can visit his profile.

Sport is the perfect balance of mental as well as physical health. It helps to keep your thinking sharp as you age. Although sometimes, it becomes challenging if you compete. But at the same time, it keeps you away from the risk of developing different diseases. It increases your stamina. David Olusegun has an interest in football. He visits different stadiums to watch live football matches. He travels to different countries to be part of the football match show. Those who are passionate about football games like him can join. He is active in different sports. If you are looking for some inspiration, Follow David on Instagram.