Dark Arts TV (@darkartstvyt)

Dark Arts TV (@darkartstvyt)

“Are ghosts real? That is a question that has been in people’s minds at one point or another in their life; many people believe that our world is full of spooky things while many argue that science cannot be used to prove the existence of ghosts in this world. Some people believe that “real” means to have seen something while some believe that feeling something counts as it being real too.

What is it that makes so many people believe in ghosts? One explanation for this is that many individuals claim to have had firsthand encounters with spirits. You don’t have to seek far to discover folks who feel they’ve sensed the presence of a ghost at some point in their lives. Intrigued by these personal beliefs everyone has, there are a few researchers that decided to look into paranormal activities and work on them; their discoveries might point to some hidden benefits to believing in the otherworldly. Or at the very least, it should make you wonder if you have any more sinister assumptions about the universe. Some researchers videotape out of the ordinary activities that they witness, one of which is Dark Arts TV. Many fans of paranormal media hold high regard for Dark Arts TV because they are well-publicized in the industry, they have over a decade of experience; they have a deep understanding of paranormal activities and investigation, and they have been documenting and providing fantastic proof to the public of such out of this world activities by visiting domestic and international locations that are deemed haunted.

Dark Arts TV not only hunts ghosts but also allows others to join them. If you want to join the Dark Arts Paranormal team for an overnight ghost hunt at a haunted location in the UK, you can register yourself at the Dark Arts TV website for any ghost hunting event and even invite friends along with you. The ghost hunting event includes real experimentations and tasks such as table tipping, glass moving, and Ouija boards; anyone who wants to go on the hunt can willingly participate in any experiment they want, and they can even bring their own camera and taping devices; at Dark Arts TV, the more the merrier. Although, because of the ghosts, it’s unlikely they’ll be merry. If a person believes they are doing more than they can handle, they may notify a team member; the personnel at Dark Arts Paranormal would never ghost you (pun intended).

People in today’s world love watching paranormal stuff, Dark Arts TV has over 122k subscribers on their official YouTube channel, they have been uploading videos of them going to different locations that are deemed haunted for over 7 years now; they have captured tons of paranormal activities happening in their camera. Their lead investigator is Karl Hassall who has numerous events captured on camera including physical attacks. Their videos show the watchers a view from the eyes of Dark Arts Paranormal’s team. Their most-watched video contains over 600k views where they visited Aleister Crowley’s Demon House located in Scotland. Their way of showing these serious activities is somewhat dark and funny at the same time; Karl tries to keep the tension light by much-needed humor in the videos.

Their documentaries are usually an hour or two long and contain footage of actual scary paranormal activity, some profanity, and images of mental and physical distress that some viewers may find unpleasant. Dark Arts TV also sells ghost hunting and paranormal equipment providing worldwide delivery such as Ouija boards and SLS cameras; they also have their own merchandise to provide awareness of their brand which contains branded swag such as beanies, snoods, hoodies, shirts and so much more.