Darius Wilson (@iam_dariusw)

Darius Wilson (@iam_dariusw)

Darius Wilson is a digital creator based in Carol Stream, Illinois. He is currently a freshman at the University of Illinois Chicago and is part of the class of 2025. Wilson has a public Instagram account where he shares snippets from his personal life, mostly from school, with his followers.

He currently has 20 posts on his Instagram account, whereas he has a whopping 1679 followers. This definitely means he’s quite popular amongst his social circle.

Wilson started his Instagram account with simple text-based posts back in 2015, where he would mainly interact with his friends from school. However, as time passed and Wilson moved to Carol Stream to join a new middle school, he also started sharing pictures of his friends. He would also occasionally post pictures in a Snapchat dog filter, which is funny considering he went on to create his own lenses for Snapchat users in the future. He also posted videos and snaps of his dog, whose identity remains unknown. The dog is also seen in Darius’ Instagram profile picture, which just goes on to highlight how dearly he must have held that little pup. However, one of Darius’s posts indicated that they would go their separate ways soon.

Darius Wilson’s last post on his Instagram profile is one of him suited up, presumably for a prom night. It dates back to 2021, which makes sense because Darius is now a freshman at college. 

Not only is Darius Wilson a promising young adult, but he has also been engaging in creative activity by creating his own Snapchat filters. He has his creator account made for Snapchat lenses, where he can upload his personal filters for the world to see and use. Darius currently has around 46 filters and lenses on his profile.

His most recent filters include “IOS camera,” “Urbane,” “most likely to,” “Which Celebrity,” and “Richest Person.”

The IOS camera filter allows the user to click a picture with different effects with the border of an iOS camera app on the photo. This makes the picture or video look like it was shot on an iOS device, even if it was not.

The Urbane filter adds a tanned effect to the picture/video and also adds sparkling stars in the background for a chic look. This filter is ideal for selfies but can also be used with the back camera.

The “most likely to” filter provides the user with a scenario. They have to choose between two given options, ‘you’ and ‘me.’ The user must tap on the chosen answer. Then, the statement in the filter changes to accommodate the pronouns of the person chosen. For example, a scenario on the filter is “Who is most likely to be the best at math?”. If you choose “me,” the statement changes to “I am most likely to be the best at math.” Similarly, if you choose “you,” the statement will change to “You are most likely to be the best at math.” This is a fun filter to send to friends and play with them to see who gets what.

Another one of his popular filters includes the “richest person” filter, where a list of the top 10 richest people in the world is given from a Google search. The user is placed at number one, with their name, made-up net worth in dollars, and their picture on the side. This is also a fun filter that you can use to track your friends or surprise them before they realize it’s just a really creative Snapchat filter.

If you wish to try out Darius’ filters or learn more about him, you can find him on Instagram by the username @iam_dariusw.