Daniel Nicolas (@daniel_nicolas_)

Daniel Nicolas (@daniel_nicolas_)

In this cutthroat, dog eats dog world, a lot of people have to resort to gruelling hours in the corporate world, slaving away to make ends meet and have a somewhat comfortable lifestyle. Years and years of a repetitive work pattern are mostly the requirements to have some freedom in your work life and the ticket to a more desirable future lifestyle. This vicious cycle has left a lot of people who have to work to make a living become very hopeless in hoping for a, dare I say, comfortable lifestyle. When it comes to saving up, paying bills, and giving rent, things like vacations or relaxation trips become a luxury that often sits on the back burner because of other things taking precedence. It is for these reasons that, for a lot of people, the signs of having lived a good life or a good work-life is to be able to work and have fun, travel, spend nonchalantly without having to constantly monitor your expenses so a lot of leisure time does not sit at the bottom of their priority list.

If one is able to enjoy their life, spend time travelling, exploring hobbies whilst simultaneously managing their work, you could say they ae succeeding life. While of course, the standard to a successful life is not to work and travel, it does point in the direction of a comfortable work environment, well managed finances, and a sense of satisfaction, comfort, and happiness that comes with being able to give time to all facets of life as people do. Daniel Nicolas, a young man who hails from Germany but left parts of his heart in the many countries he visited over the world, is someone the average corporate slave would envy.

His Instagram (@danie_nicolas_) is a tell-tale of his personality, the contents of his page leave so much to unpack about his life and his activities. While you would not be far off to guess that he is an endlessly hard-working young man, considering his frequent travels and the lush quality of life he enjoys, Nicolas has wrung himself of blood, sweat, and tears to achieve all that he is, to the point where he fully deserves the quality of life he enjoys.

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Building himself from the ground up, Nicolas has poured everything in his work and personal life with a seamless balance that allows him to take time for himself to explore the world. His Instagram highlights show off the pages on his visa as he has separate highlights of all the destinations, he has hit on the globe such as Dubai, Iraq, Qatar, USA, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy. Aside from the travel stories that will make you green with envy, he also has food and vlogging highlights that feature the global mouthwatering cuisine that has graced Nicolas’ tastebuds.

Even with his desirable and enviable lifestyle, Daniel Nicolas is a humble man who pushes people to chase their dreams and never give up. Having a keen interest in psychology and aviation, Nicolas is more than a travel enthusiast. He constantly takes up new challenges and engages in learning whenever he can.

To keep up with his travels, work, and stories of delectable dishes, follow him on Instagram @daniel_nicolas_ and never miss out!