Dana Seng Jewelry (@danasengjewelry)

Dana Seng Jewelry (@danasengjewelry)

Jewelry is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there. – Diane Von Furstenberg.

A woman’s look is incomplete without a good piece of jewelry. It enhances a woman’s personality. As long as the human kind has been known, jewelry has always been of immense importance for decades. From royals to locals, jewelry has been defined as one’s status in the society. Reliable metals and beautiful stones are carved to make luxurious pieces. Dana Seng Jewelry, understanding the importance of trends in the fashion industry, is designing exquisite jewelry pieces for women of all ages.

Dana Seng belongs to Cambodia. She has always been interested in creating jewelry designs. Her passion for creating and designing good and luxurious pieces of jewelry has brought her to where she is now. She started working at her husband’s wholesale company as an engagement ring designer. She was and still is very skillful at jewelry designing. So, she began her own Dana Seng Jewelry line. She uses her passion and knowledge to create exceptionally unique styles that are rare to be found.

It is hard to win over millennials in this fast-paced society we live in, however this new company, Dana Seng Jewelry, has been working hard at creating jewelry that is fun, has a good value and can be worn by all ages. And just like that, people are catching on and wanting their own Dana Seng Jewelry pieces. Dana has always dreamt of opening her own jewelry line. She loves creating trendy and luxurious time pieces for her customers.

Dana Seng Jewelry have their personalized and custom made necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Their customized Meaningful pieces are the bestsellers amongst the women. Women can customize their very own meaningful piece with DSJ’s Signature designs. They are originated from a personal story of the head designer herself. Their meaningful designs are created with passion to embrace beautiful moments in life and precious loved ones that individuals always cherish and forever keep close to their hearts.

The company’s extensive look book of jewelry designs is filled with classically crafted pieces that are meant to be passed down from one generation to another. The collections that are available on the website of Dana Seng Jewelry include Meaningful birthstone curb chain collection, DSJs signature multi gold initial/number collection, DSJs signature number/initial & birthstone collection, Dana Seng personalization, DSJs signature zodiac collection, butterfly collection and many more latest designs.

“Our versatile, delicate pieces can be enjoyed every day or worn for glamorous evenings out,” says a spokesperson for the company. “They are crafted to last for many years and are meant to be handed down from mother to daughter, such as to mark a special occasion.” The style that Dana Seng creates evokes a vintage flair, giving the jewelry in the collection the ability to go from boardroom to nightclub with ease and it pairs nicely with formal wear or business attires.

The Birthstones & Initials Collection includes delicate gold and precious stones into the designs. By giving customers the choice of birthstones, initials, and even the gold color used in the items, which is incorporated into the jewelry, each piece can be personalized, giving them much more cherished meaning.

Being a privately owned company, Dana Seng Jewelry crafts luxurious pieces for every occasion. Each of the collection’s delicate, feminine pieces are exquisitely crafted from the finest precious stones, metals, and diamonds. The quality of the jewelry and jewelry making shows the remarkable craftsmanship and skill that the team of Dana Seng Jewelry possesses.

Many Famous celebrities have been buying Dana Seng’s exquisite jewelry designs and they have been loving it. Dana Seng’s jewelry has been featured in many magazines and fashion shoots as well. In order to stay updated with what the Head designer of the jewelry is up to or which new collection is being introduced people from all around the world can visit their website https://www.danasengjewelrycollection.com. Dana and the Dana Seng Jewelry team strives to create and share the best quality jewelry pieces with the clients from all across the globe.