Dalim Khan (@dalim785)

Dalim Khan (@dalim785)

Wishful thinking is something a lot of people fall victim to when looking at something that is desirable, or something that they wish they had but do not have the means to acquire. For a lot of people in the same predicament, they resort to the art of living vicariously through other mediums like TV. shows, movies, blogs, or even reality shows to make up for the lack of something in their lives. While some might be envious or even angry at the life that others have that they do not, others actually get some relief and able to achieve something from following and keeping up with any kind of content that reflects a lifestyle that they would like to have. An example of this would be regular watchers of celebrity reality shows because they would like to know how it feels to live a live of such opulence and comfort.

For dreamers and travels enthusiasts alike, a young man originally hailing from Sylhet in Bangladesh, Dalim Khan is a living breathing example of how far hard work can take you, and a testament to how dreaming should not be limited to the dark hours of the night but should be the driving force that one requires to be persistent, passionate, and driven.

Dalim Khan and his impressive social media presence, with his Instagram page that showcases his eye for the camera, framing, and setting, his love for luxury cars with which he graces the roads all over the world, and the unending list of countries he has travelled to, are all things to be envied yet also appreciated and acknowledged. What needs to be remembered is that when Khan initiated his account almost 3 years ago, with a mirror selfie taken in France no less, he had no intentions of taking his casual Instagram presence to any particular heights, yet over time, the progress his photography, aesthetic, and travels have allowed him to make is undoubtably admirable.

With a following of over 2000, which is not a shabby number in itself, Dalim Khan’s love for traveling and collecting cars has not only made his account the place to be for travel and automobile enthusiasts, but it is also a nod to the blood, sweat, and tears he has surely shed to allow for such a swanky lifestyle. When he is not being an inspiration to people and encouraging them to dream big and not give in to doubters, he is living his best life and eating the fruits of his hard work.

On Instagram with the handle @dalim785, Khan has 17 highlights for his many travels to places like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid, Dubai, Dhaka, Budapest, some places having been visited more than once whilst others where he went on adventures like skiing and cruising. With an impressive number of destinations under his belt, Khan does not leave much to the imagination of what a lifestyle that constantly has you on the go entails.

His time around the world, interacting with different landscapes and cultures have allowed for Khan’s horizons to be broadened as far as content creation goes. Surely influenced by his experiences, Dalim Khan is anything but shy in front of the camera as he commemorates his country-hopping by taking aesthetically pleasing photographs for his followers to marvel over.

His time is spent with his buddies and friends he has made during his travels, as he frequently engages with some famous singers and social media personalities on his Instagram. Singers, models, actors, and influencers are only some of the kinds of people he sits and eats with, even sharing witty videos he makes with them.

What is admirable about Dalim Khan is, is that no matter how much of the world he sees via travelling, he remembers to stay thankful to his roots and the people who support him every day while living his life, which is a kind of humility the world does not see much of.