Cynthia Oh (@cynderellasg)

Cynthia Oh (@cynderellasg)

Much like painters and sculptors, makeup artists are also craftsmen and true artists in their own right. They blend colors to make new shades, whether they be eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, or blush. They blend, spread, and work these beautiful colors onto their canvas, the human skin. Every type of art has something special about it, and so does makeup. The same is the case with hairdressing. Both makeup and hair are a great way of self-expression. If one is wearing the kind of hairstyle that they feel most confident in, and the kind of makeup that they think is perfect, it can change the whole outlook of one’s personality. It is a form of expressing one’s creativity and identity through one’s appearance. The perfect hairdresser or makeup artist will help you figure out what kind of style suits you best, and help you unleash a side of you that is more self-confident, relaxed, and attractive.

Cynthia Oh established her own Makeup and Hair Salon with the same vision in mind. She named her salon “Cynderella Makeup and Hair”. After laying down the foundations for this herself and running it successfully, she now has two more powerful makeup artists in her team, both with strong resumes of their own.

Cynthia possesses an admirable list of qualifications that make her the go-to reliable makeup artist for clients of every niche. Based in Singapore, she received training and specialization from Korean, Taiwanese, and Singaporean beauty centers and has a specialty in Korean Style Natural Makeup. Along with her makeup courses and certifications, she went with Avant Microblading to practice eyebrow makeup as well as certification and interest in romantic American style hairstyling.

Cynthia’s list of clients is impressive. Not only has she practiced and perfected hairstyling and makeup on anyone who hired her services, but she is also a well-known and well-respected celebrity makeup and hairstylist. She is on the top-of-the-list for celebrity photo shoots, editorials, cover pages, commercials, and exclusive foreign celebrity hair and makeup. Some celebrities that have chosen Cynthia as their makeup and hairstylist for important events include famous Hong Kong actress Bernice Liu, Taiwan Sensational Sony Music Artiste Eric Chou, local artists Michelle Chong, Jean Danker, Simone Heng, Amy Cheng, and many more. They all stole the show at their respective events and felt wonderful in the kind of styling Cynthia gave them. No wonder she is so in-demand. All of her work has been flawless and immaculate.

When asked about the start of her journey and the roots of her career, Cynthia describes it as a stroke of luck to have found her true passion and calling. While studying for her bachelor’s in New York, she started doing her friend’s makeup and hair as a hobby and developed a knack for it. This lead to her seeking out a Professional Diploma after going back to Singapore. As time passed, she constantly upgraded her qualifications.

It is said that a person’s skills, gifts, and money are useless if one can not benefit other humans from it. Cynthia is a firm believer in this and chooses to use her skills to make a difference in the world. She volunteers at various hospitals under the “Look Good Feel Better” program where she has been teaching cancer survivors and patients makeup skills over the past 3 years.

She runs her own makeup blog and website where she promotes and manages her business and keeps in touch with prospective clients. Her Instagram has gained 26 thousand followers who keep up with her work and progress as an artist. Cynthia is set to become a household name in the field of fashion, makeup and hairdressing so watch out for her and her future endeavors!